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vSpeaking Podcast Ep 124: Velero

VMware recently acquired Heptio for the impact their open source projects have on the cloud native ecosystem. The main projects are Sonobuoy, Contour, Gimbal, and Velero (formerly known as Ark) This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome Carlisia Campos to discuss Velero, the cloud native disaster recovery and data migration tool for Kubernetes applications. The Kubernetes community is finding new uses for Velero, from migrating applications and namespaces between two clusters to cloning namespaces for ephemeral developer environments.

Stay up to date with the project by following it on Twitter (@projectvelero), through GitHub, our public Google Group, or on the Kubernetes Slack.

*Velero means sailboat in Spanish, which is consistent with our nautical theme. While the name Ark alluded to backup and recovery, the new Velero name signals that the project is capable of so much more.

A special thanks to Myles Gray and Cormac Hogan for guest co-hosting this episode.

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The roles of deep specialists and IT generalists are rapidly converging. Administrators now need to be ‘specialized generalists’ who know a fair bit about a fair number of things. Multi and mega clouds, containers and microservices, hyper-converged infrastructure, network micro-segmentation, are all the new wave of technology; With DevOps, AI and machine learning use cases changing not only the way we implement but the way we manage IT. In this session we examine this shifting IT landscape, and discuss trends for personal tooling – how can we position ourselves to excel in this new landscape? What does the datacenter of the future look like, and what sort of people will it need?

Whether you’re a weekly listener of the Virtually Speaking Podcast or never heard of it, this is a session not to miss.

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