Top HCI Sessions at VMworld 2018 Europe!

The VMworld 2018 Europe Content Catalog is live! VMworld US was a huge success for vSAN and we are looking forward to continuing it at VMworld Europe! HCI powered by vSAN will be represented by the Showcase Keynote, Breakout sessions, Panel Discussions, and Quick Talks. There is a lot of engaging content you wouldn’t want to miss and here is the list of key sessions.

VMworld Europe 2018


Top HCI sessions


Showcase Keynote – Innovating Beyond HCI: How VMware is Driving the Next Data Center Revolution [HCI3728KE]

The exclusive HCI Showcase will be hosted by Yanbing Li, SVP and General Manager of Storage and Availability BU;  John Gilmartin, VP and General Manager of the Integrated Systems BU; and Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist of Storage and Availability BU. Together, they will cover how we’re innovating beyond just HCI and how you can easily upgrade from just virtualized servers to a true Digital Foundation that enables you to run any application on any cloud, while protecting your infrastructure investments.


HCI Vision Sessions from CTO and “Father of vSAN [HCI1705BE and HCI1338BE]

Listen to Christos Karamanolis, CTO and founder of vSAN, discuss the future of HCI in two different sessions: one focusing on the importance of data lifecycle management in hybrid cloud and the other on the ideal operational environment for cloud-native applications, where he’ll be joined by Cormac Hogan, Chief Technologist.


Modernize Datacenter Showcase: Driving Transformation from the Data Center to the Public Cloud [DC3732KE] 

For anyone focused on modernizing your data center and integrating with public cloud, this session will extend the Monday morning general session with more details and demos. Come and listen to VMware’s Chief Operating Officers, Raghu Raghuram, discuss the latest solutions to prepare you for the hybrid cloud.


The Power of Storage Policy-Based Management [HCI1270BE]

In this session, Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan will guide you through the world of software-defined storage initiatives at VMware and provide a primer to VMware vSAN, VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols), persistent cloud-native storage options, the VMware vSphere APIs for I/O filtering, and the binding factor in these cases: Storage Policy-Based Management.


vSAN Overview [HCI1469BE]

Join Srinivasan Murari and Vijay Ramachandran, VMware product management and engineering leaders, to learn about the trends in the hyper-converged infrastructure market and their vision for VMware vSAN.


Attend SAP HANA running on vSAN [HCI2019BE]by Chen Wei and Dominic Uliano, and get technical details about designing and architecting SAP HANA on vSAN, along with best practices.


Technical customer panel [HCI 1615PE]:Join  the always-popular customer panel, hosted by Lee Dilworth, and learn about real life examples and unique vSAN use cases.


Virtual Volumes (vVols) Deep Dive [HCI2810BE]

Hear from Pete Flecha, the cohost of the vSpeaking Podcast, and Thorbjoern Donbaek,  on how Virtual Volumes eliminate static storage constraints by removing LUNs, filesystems, and volumes, and giving the array direct visibility and understanding of the VM objects they store.


Enabling High Capacity Workloads with Elastic EBS-backed vSAN on VMC [HYP3286BE]

Learn how you can use vSAN in the cloud and meet varying workload needs! Rakesh Radhakrishnan and Peng Dai will show you how.


VMware Site Recovery: DR-as-a-Service with VMware Cloud on AWS [HYP3019BE]

Nabil Quadri will talk about VMware Site Recovery, the full-featured, on-demand DR service optimized for VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn key takeaways for all Site Recovery capabilities!

VMworld Europe 2018


This is just part of the HCI sessions list and many more can be found in Content Catalog.


What about HCI Zone?

Visit HCI Zone and Explore vSAN in Action! You can witness mission-critical applications—from Containerized MySQL to SAP HANA to Apps running in the Edge —all powered by vSAN. Come and speak with experts about benefits of HCI from edge to core to cloud.

Here is the list of partners showcasing the vSAN solutions.

  • SAP HANA – Dell EMC VxRail
  • SQL Server – HPE
  • MySQL on Containers – Lenovo
  • Video Analytics – Cisco

Plan your VMworld Europe schedule – take a full advantage of all the great sessions and HCI Zone demos.

We are looking forward to seeing you at VMworld Europe 2018!

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