Rubrik and vSAN – Better Together

Written by: Ben Meadowcroft, Principal Product Manager at Rubrik


As enterprises undergo digital transformation, it’s clear that IT solutions must transform with them to keep up with the demands of modern businesses. This change has led IT teams to reevaluate their technology choices, as traditional IT silos and legacy approaches are adding more and more complexity to these new infrastructures and applications. This dynamic is driving the adoption of newer technologies, like VMware vSAN and Rubrik Cloud Data Management, which were built from the ground up for the hybrid cloud enterprise.

Rubrik is a software-defined platform that unifies backup, instant recovery, replication, search, analytics, archival, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across the data center and cloud. As a rapidly innovating company, we’re constantly adding new features and integrations to support our customers’ changing infrastructures.

During my time at Rubrik, I have had the opportunity to speak with many customers who are using VMware’s vSAN and Rubrik together. These customers shared that the main reasons for adopting vSAN and Rubrik are to modernize their data center environments, achieve operational simplicity, and deliver the agility and scale required to meet their business needs. For customers, the combination of vSAN and Rubrik is a powerful one because the platforms share a common policy-driven, application-centric approach built on a modern scale-out architecture.


Rubrik CDM


I’m pleased to announce that Rubrik has worked closely with VMware to become a certified Data Protection solution for vSAN. VMware Ready for vSAN certification designates VMware’s highest level of endorsement for products created by established partners. As part of the program, VMware and Rubrik collaborated across multiple teams to validate the technical solution end-to-end and established clear support processes to ensure best-of-breed customer satisfaction for joint customers.

What use cases does Rubrik CDM bring to vSAN environments?

Rubrik delivers a full set of capabilities for virtual environments, including those built on VMware’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure software. These capabilities include:

How does Rubrik CDM integrate with vSAN?

Rubrik leverages a scale-out, appliance-based approach, removing the need for multiple siloed legacy backup solutions, and natively integrates with all major public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). The Rubrik cluster uses the VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Data Protection to deliver highly-efficient VM image-level data protection and recovery. Rubrik leverages vSAN’s native snapshot capabilities for improved performance compared to traditional datastores.


Rubrik CDM

vSAN and Rubrik CDM

Further Reading

We’re thrilled to be able to deliver this certified solution with VMware vSAN to support our enterprise customers as they transform their data centers and increase agility across on-prem and cloud. More details on Rubrik and VMware are available online at:



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