MySQL on VMware vSAN 6.7 All-Flash

One measurement of success for an infrastructure design is if the platform used can meet the demands of various applications and workloads that help drive a business. Performance, scalability, resilience, and operational agility are all top of mind considerations for infrastructure architects. Application owners, and consumers of those applications share some of the same considerations, albeit through a slightly different perspective. This is one of the many reasons behind the importance of application validation. It helps customers ensure that a given platform is capable of addressing all of the needs of applications and their workloads in an environment.

A new reference architecture has recently been published detailing MySQL on vSAN 6.7. MySQL has taken a prevalent role in the data center, as it is inherently a part of any Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python package, commonly known as a LAMP stack. As a full-fledged relational database that is open source, and easy to deploy, MySQL can be found providing backend database services for websites and applications.

This new reference architecture addresses key areas of consideration for data center administrators, as well as database administrators who are interested in running MySQL on vSphere clusters powered by vSAN 6.7. Learn how MySQL interacts with the fine-grained control of performance, space efficiency, and resiliency settings of MySQL using storage policy-based management (SPBM) built right into vSAN. The document goes into great detail on performance characteristics when scaling out clusters, as well as under a variety of failure conditions. Application performance is not just about a topline result, but rather, predictable and consistent performance under a variety of environmental conditions. A collection of recommended practices and other general guidance specific to running MySQL in a vSAN powered cluster can also be found in this document.

vSAN makes accommodating the needs of your workloads simple. Integration into the hypervisor means that organizations are able to run more workloads per host than other solutions, using software they are already familiar with. This new reference architecture, and the accompanying Solution Overview of MySQL on vSAN 6.7 All Flash makes it clear that a vSAN powered cluster is a great fit for all of your MySQL needs.




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