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vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer: Size and Deploy vSAN for the workload of your choice

The new All Flash vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer is now available and is accessible here:



What are the key features of the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer?

The key features of vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer are:

  1. Evaluation Sizer: A basic evaluation version of the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer which requires minimal input such as the count of VMs and Aggregate storage to provide a high level recommendation. This version does not require a sign-in to use the tool. For access to all features, a sign-in is required as detailed below.
  2. Access Control: In order to get access to the full feature set of vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer, a sign-in is required. Customers need a account, VMware partners need a partner central account and employees can access the tool using their VMware user credentials.
  3. Simple and Advanced Sizer: Users can size for individual and mixed workloads using the Simple and Advanced Sizer respectively. Choose between VDI, Database and General Purpose workloads for the Simple Sizer and Customize your workloads for the Advanced Sizer. Login is required to access both these modules
  4. Overheads for Raw storage computation: The vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer accounts for additional overheads such as slack space, swap space, dedup overhead, compression overhead, disk formatting and base 10 to 2 conversion for computing storage needs.

The Sizer is accessible both without and outside of the VMware network. All you need to do is log into the tool and you are ready to size for vSAN.

So how do I access this tool?

The basic Evaluation Sizer is available to everyone and does not require a sign-in.



To use the Simple and Advanced Sizer, you can use one of the 3 levels of access control that we have implemented:

  1. My VMware login: Customers can use their login to access the tool. In addition for users without a VMware account, it is a quick and simple process to register for a My VMware account
  2. Partner Central Login: VMware Partners can use their existing Partner Central credentials to login and access the tool
  3. Employee login: If within the VMware network, employees can do a SSO into the tool to access all features including the calculation logs. Employees need to be signed in through VPN (from outside the VMware firewall) to get access to all features. For VMware users, the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer is even available as an app in workspace one



What’s Next?

Some of the roadmap items for the vSAN tools includes the following:

  1. Online TCO tool: Effortlessly calculate the TCO for your corresponding vSAN Sizing recommendation
  2. Integration with vSAN Assessment: Run an assessment and obtain a Sizing recommendation and TCO all in one seamless workflow
  3. ReadyNode™ Recommender: Obtain a Best Match ReadyNode™ based on your sizing recommendation
  4. vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer for Hybrid


To learn more about what you can and cannot change in a vSAN ReadyNode as well to learn about the new Purley launch, you can attend the following online session on 8/3/2017. Click on this link for more details:


For any queries, feedback or feature requests about the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer, please contact



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