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From a User’s Point of View: Virtual SAN is Fast, Easy & Agile

Wondering if Virtual SAN is a good fit for you? During a panel at VMworld 2015, three Virtual SAN customers with diverse backgrounds and IT challenges discussed their experience with VSAN. The panelists included Tod Huber, Director of Information Technology at Master Lock Company LLC; Kenny Wilder, Director of Infrastructure at Fulton County Schools; and Chris Skaling, Regional Practice Manager at FusionStorm, Inc.

TheCUBE host Stu Miniman kicked off the discussion by asking the IT gurus to explain why they selected a hyper-converged infrastructure solution. “We were moving towards a hub-and-spoke strategy for our locations,” Huber said. “We had servers at every location and it just wasn’t feasible for the amount of staff we have to support that. We needed something available and scalable; we had limited support at locations, so it also had to be something that was easily managed.”

While Hubor appreciated how easily his small IT team could manage and maintain Virtual SAN, Wilder was impressed by the dramatic decrease in time spent processing back-end jobs for the student information system. ”I put my 20 years of reputation on the line and purchased a 3-node cluster scaled on the server,” Wilder explained, “I ran some tests against the current environment and proved it ran fast … it took processing from 45 minutes to 5 minutes.”

From a selling perspective, Skaling explained that a lot of his customers do not have storage expertise but want to know how to stay agile and nimble without a huge IT staff. “VSAN comes in nicely,” said Skaling, “It scales and no storage expertise is needed.”


Watch the full interview below and test-drive Virtual SAN for free today with a Hands-On Lab.



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