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Compliant Containers

Best Practices for Building Compliant Containers


By Nisha Kumar, open source engineer, VMware As things stand, we do not have a fully declarative way of building containers. We can’t, in other words, make a specific list of software components that we want in a container image and build the container to match exactly that list. In manufacturing, where I used to Read more...

VMware + OpenFaaS – One Month In


In this post, I’ll cover some of the things I’ve worked on since I joined VMware this February. It’s been a busy time between further developing the OpenFaaS project, meeting with the community and getting code shipped. I’m based in the U.K., so I travelled to the local VMware HQ in Staines (near London) for Read more...
Tern software

How Open Source Tern Software Helps with Container Compliance


By Nisha Kumar, Open Source Engineer, VMware The benefits of the microservice architecture for web applications and platforms have VMware’s customers demanding support for containers and related technology. Container build tools like Docker make it easy to build and deploy a microservice. Simply choose a base container to start off with (easily available on Dockerhub), Read more...
Open Source Leadership Summit

Gearing Up for Open Source Leadership Summit


Open source leaders from far and wide will convene in California’s famous Sonoma Valley for The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit, taking place March 6-8. VMware is proud to be a sponsor of this prestigious forum, where the best and brightest open source minds will collaborate to drive digital transformation with open source technologies Read more...

The Story of Containers


By Rostislav M. Georgiev, open source engineer, VMware Containers and their use in modern day high-performance cloud-native applications have generated a lot of hype in the past few years. Yet they came to the scene relatively late, especially when compared to virtual machines (VMs). Their appearance in the cloud was so impactful and so natural, that Read more...