Keynote at Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam

After enduring a long and harrowing global pandemic for three years, this year’s Kubernetes Community Days event finally reunited the vibrant European community in person on February 23-24. VMware’s Dr. Dawn Foster delivered a keynote presentation to an enthusiastic audience.

Kubernetes Community Days or KCD AMS enables attendees to deepen their understanding of Kubernetes and learn from experts in the field. Plus, there were opportunities to connect with other members of the Kubernetes community and share their own experiences and insights. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supported the event and leading technology companies made contributions to sponsor this gathering of brilliant Kubernetes professionals.

Hundreds of attendees participated in sessions that covered a range of Kubernetes-related topics from beginner level to advanced. The topics included deployment, scaling, security and networking, with talks from expert speakers, panel discussions and workshops.

In addition to the educational sessions, KCD AMS also provided networking and community-building opportunities, such as the lively vegan BBQ and afterparty. These activities allowed participants to connect with other Kubernetes enthusiasts, learn about emerging tools and technologies, and share their own experiences and challenges.

During her presentation entitled “Leading in Open Source: A Strategic Approach,” Dr. Dawn discussed various aspects related to collaboration, contribution strategy and long-term sustainability in open source. We hope you enjoy watching the talk as much as she enjoyed giving it!

Dawn Foster
Photo credit: Clip taken from Meet the Community Loft Labs video

To stay informed about KCD AMS 2024 or learn more about this year’s event, check out these resources:

See you next year at KCD AMS 2024!

But wait, hold on! Dawn’s not done with Amsterdam yet.

Coming soon: KubeCon Europe 2023 | Amsterdam

Speaking of the “Venice of the North,” Dawn will also be a keynote speaker at KubeCon Europe 2023 on Wednesday, April 19 from 10:05-10:20 CET. Her topic: “Building a Sustainable CNCF Project Contributor Base.” Tickets for in-person attendance are selling quickly! Register now! (Virtual attendance is also an option.)

To learn more about Dawn and read her blogs on the role and responsibilities of an OSPO, navigating open source risk, community leadership and more, visit her profile on the Open Source Blog.

Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter for more deep dives into the world of open source contributing.


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