What’s on the Horizon for Desktop and App Virtualization? Join 4/15 #HorizonChat!

We’ve made quite a few changes to Horizon recently, including improvements to virtual networking, storage, apps and more. The end result is a family of products that help you deliver unlimited access to apps and desktops at a lower cost and with improved performance.

To discuss these improvements and the future of Horizon, we’re bringing VMware EUC Sr. Director Shawn Bass (@shawnbass) and analyst Simon Bramfitt (@simonbramfitt) together to host #HorizonChat on Twitter Wednesday, April 15th from 9 – 10 AM (PT).

Join us as we discuss how Horizon 6 will expand virtualization beyond its current field and how it can accommodate new industry trends.

Questions we’ll tackle during the chat include:

  • What holds organizations back from adopting virtual desktop and application virtualization technologies?
  • What options are available for integrating mobile and desktop management?
  • What are the new features available with VMware Horizon 6?
  • How does Horizon 6 integrate with Virtual SAN?

Here’s how to participate in #HorizonChat:

  • Sign up for #HorizonChat on CrowdChat and add #HorizonChat to your calendar.
  • Follow #HorizonChat on CrowdChat or a Twitter client (i.e. TweetDeck, Twubs.com, or HootSuite).
  • On Wednesday, April 15th at 9 AM PT, @vmwarehorizon and co-hosts @shawnbass and @simontbramfitt will get the conversation started with the #HorizonChat hashtag.
  • Tag your tweets with the #HorizonChat hashtag (CrowdChat will automatically append the hashtag to your comments) and @reply other participants; ask questions, share your thoughts, and engage!

Feel free to tweet us at @vmwarehorizon with any questions you’d like to have answered during the chat. We’re looking forward to chatting with you Wednesday, April 15th during #HorizonChat!





Socialcast and the Annual Performance Review

by Inna Fabrikant, Sr. Client Development Manager, Socialcast

With 2014 in our rearview mirrors, many workplace conversations are turning to performance reviews.

Employees are racking their brains trying to document all of their accomplishments over the past 12 months, while managers have the equally daunting task of acknowledging the successes of all direct reports.

At VMware, we’ve developed an integration between Socialcast and Workday that is helping us to alleviate these very real pain points, while simultaneously saving countless man hours in the process.

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Five Analytics Features Every Socialcast Admin Should Use

by Jeff Sato, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst- Statistician


Social Business Intelligence (SBI), Socialcast’s in-app analytics platform, is enabled for all Socialcast communities and has many great features that add tremendous value for community administrators.

Today, we would like to highlight some of the most useful SBI features that we think every admin should leverage to increase adoption and engagement in their Socialcast community.

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F5’s Username Persistence and Cloud Pod Architecture in VMware Horizon (with View) 6 – What’s the Story?

Guest Blog by Justin Venezia, Sr. Solutions Architect- VMware Alliances at F5 Networks

There’s been a lot that has changed with the release of VMware® Horizon® (with View) in June 2014. Aside from the support for RDS hosted desktops and published applications using PCoIP, there is also a new feature called Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA). CPA enables entitlements to desktops between multiple View pods within or across multiple data centers.

F5’s Local Traffic Manager (LTM), Access Policy Manager (APM), and Global Traffic Manager (GTM) solution has been able to address this challenge for some time. From a 30,000-foot view, here is how today’s integrated VMware/F5 solution works when detecting an existing session without Cloud Pod Architecture:

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Caspida is hosting a Meet-Up at VMware…what does the future of mobile security look like?



by Karthik Kannan, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Caspida

Mobile security is clearly one of the most major challenges faced by companies today. The mobile dimension extends the traditional network from being a rigid perimeter to a more fluid, yet inevitable, area around corporate assets. Users are increasingly mobile – remote employees, traveling users, contractors, vendors etc. This poses the problem of valuable corporate data being rendered open to corruption, theft and abuse. Yet, the answer does not lie in locking down the data or the devices – for the sake of productivity and competitive edge, companies must make their data accessible and hence not locked down yet protect it at the same time.

Today’s mobile-IT processes provide two options – use a company-provisioned device, or Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in my opinion, BYOD is the winner. My specific reasons for that opinion are BYOD takes away a huge onus on the part of IT to provision and continuously update corporate devices for its users – this is a thankless task and IT will never get ahead with this approach. What’s left, by definition, is therefore the winner. But BYOD is a winner only because the competing option is a loser!

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling all VMware® Horzion™ Users!!

Calling all VMware Horizon users who are involved in building or maintaining VDI or SBC environments  — you are invited to participate.
Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is conducting their 2014 end user survey on the State of the VDI and SBC Union”.  Last year’s survey had over 1000 participants and we are hoping for more participation from the VMware end user base this year. We need your help!
The 2014 VRC survey will only take 10 minutes of your time.
The questions of the survey are both functional and technical and range from “What are the most important design goals set for this environment”, to “Which storage is used”, to “How are the VM’s configured”. In comparison to the 2013 VRC survey, questions have been highly optimized and simplified with the help of your feedback.The success of the survey will be determined by the amount of the responses, but also the quality of these responses. To that end — only the survey participants will receive the exclusive overview report with all results.

Only a week and a half is left!! The survey will be closed March 14th this year. We really hope you’ll lend your voice regarding your experience with the Horizon products!!

Please help us to reach other Horizon advocates by sharing this message on social media:Tweet: want unique insights in the Desktop Virtualization industry? Fill-in ‘State of the VDI and SBC union’ to be up2date: http://bit.ly/VRC-14

Already completed the survey? Tell us all about it on Facebook and Twitter!

New DaaS Solution on the Market!

As many of you read, VMware acquired Desktone back in October.  Click here to read the announcement and here to read the blog from our GM, Sanjay Poonen.  Desktone is a pioneer and the industry leader in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS.)  Today, we have yet another exciting announcement as Cisco has partnered with VMware to bring a new DaaS solution to the market.

The new Cisco DaaS solution powered by VMware is immediately available to service provider partners globally.

Please click to read the full release of this announcement from Cisco.  Our own, Peter McKay, VP and GM of DaaS explains further in his VMware blog.  We are thrilled by the growth of this market and to announce that the solution from VMware and Cisco has earned the industry’s only Cisco Validated Design (CVD) designation for DaaS.

To learn more about DaaS from VMware visit our VMware.com page.   Are you currently leveraging DaaS in your environment?  Tell us more about it on Twitter and Facebook!



Workforce Evolution

by Liam Yu, Product Marketing, VMware

Today’s workforce has seen dramatic evolution since the first day a remote worker crawled from the client-server ‘mud’ onto the shores of virtualization and ushering in the mobile-cloud era. Today, remote workers come in all shapes and sizes. The first remote workers (branch office, home users, and “ye ol’ road warrior’) now share the enterprise landscape with new species of workers with names like BPOs, FTEs, contractor supply chain, ecosystem users, and other exotic users (some of which aren’t even employees). What’s more, these new anywhere, anytime users expect anywhere IT service on their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones or else they simply go around IT. In the past such Darwinian consumerization behavior challenged the ‘natural order’ of IT and was a clear violation of corporate policy – not to be tolerated.

But with the majority of workers bringing so many of their personal devices, (and apps) into the organizations usage trends such as “bring your own device” (BYOD) and “corporate-owned, personally enabled” (COPE) have become mainstay essentials to delivering IT scale and end-user choice.

However, IT be warned! Many products claim so called device management yet only really turn off the devices capabilities resulting in poor user experience. Moreover the interruption of access to apps, the removal of personal data result in personal privacy with their own set of risks. What’s’ more, many vendors provide only partial remedies. This leaves IT plugging holes leading to greater complexity, risk, and poor quality. IT should not have to meet their SLA with a point product pile up that is riddled with limitations (e.g. tablets but not for desktop or laptops -sorry).

The VMware® Horizon™ Suite’s approach delivers a holistic, right-sized solution, providing user choice, without compromising security or IT control. Horizon Suite does this by:

  • Allowing users to access ALL their files and applications at anytime, across devices – desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Creating a separate environment for corporate applications and data. The environment can be completely isolated, secured and customized by the enterprise IT admin and can prevent corporate data leakage and preserve the privacy of employees’ personal information.
  • Enabling holistic user-based policy, for any mobile or remote state

By doing so, VMware helps organizations redefine the boundary of BYOD to really include any device. With Horizon Suite, IT gets a platform that allows them to provide secure and highly available access to desktops, apps, and data. Horizon Suite takes advantage of virtualization, application imaging and device awareness to provide IT with an end-to-end solution to meet the demands of the mobile workforce. It also allows IT to manage only what they need to (i.e. the assets that are owned by the enterprise) thus bringing security and compliance to devices, regardless of who owns them.

In short Horizon Suite allows IT meet a broader need of their evolving workforce. VMware believes that customers should be given a solution that considers their entire workforce. Moreover, these solutions should allow customers to adopt and adapt to future needs without comprising the quality of service, or increase complexity and risk for IT. In one solution, Horizon Suite’s technologies give you a comprehensive approach to meet today’s end user computing needs while allowing you to scale to meet the needs of all of those new workforce creatures that may emerge on an organization’s doorstep.

Tell us more about how your workforce is changing via Facebook and Twitter or discuss in our Horizon Suite Community.

Best in class EUC solution with VMware, HP and Atlantis Computing

By: Pete Brey, Worldwide Marketing Manager, HP

By: Seth Knox, VP Products, Atlantis Computing

By: Muthu Somasundaram, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

The end-user computing landscape is changing rapidly. Where once it was difficult to justify initial capital expenditures and to demonstrate ROI for an end-user virtualization project, now it is becoming increasingly feasible. What’s more, current state-of-the-art solutions are not only able to hit ROI hurdles, they are also capable of delivering an improved end user experience with 24×7 anytime, anywhere access with high availability, mobility, BYOD, and security built in. Desktop virtualization strategies you once thought unachievable are now totally within your reach.

VMware, HP and Atlantis Computing are at the forefront of delivering such an advanced solution – a highly available and secure solution with excellent performance, lower deployment cost and risk, and support for mobility/BYOD initiatives. For many organizations, desktop virtualization is the right move, and with a mature solution using VMware® Horizon View™, HP Converged Infrastructure, and Atlantis ILIO it can be a reality. This new solution:

  • Mitigates risk – By delivering a proven solution, backed by the expertise of companies you trust—HP, VMware and Atlantis Computing
  • Enhances the end user experience – By delivering cost-effective, PC-like performance for all employee desktops
  • Reduces capital outlay – By optimizing storage performance and capacity to deliver virtual desktops that cost less than PCs
  • Lowers operating costs – By reducing the storage footprint in the data center and automating desktop virtualization deployment

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SDDC Meets EUC- Spotlight Session Today!!!!

by Sarah Semple, End-User Computing Product Marketing

Happy first full day at #VMworld 2013!  We are thrilled to be kicking off our first full day of sessions and we hope your schedule builder is packed with tons of great EUC breakout sessions.  Tonight will be hosting our End-User Computing Spotlight Session.  VMware’s software defined architecture is transforming the data center into a dynamic cloud environment that can be built around a private cloud infrastructure with VMware vCloud Suite or a public or hybrid cloud service with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. But how does VMware’s End-User Computing Platform fit into all of this? Join this session with our CTO, Scott Davis and other guest speakers as we demo and discuss how are leveraging VMware’s software-defined data center to deliver end-user computing workloads including desktops as a service. We’ll look at how VMware plans to automate and manage your infrastructure and desktops and additionally explore how you can deliver policy entitled access to VMware’s next-generation virtual workspace including applications, desktops and data.

This session is NOT to be missed.  Add us to your schedule today!  Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter #EUC7370-S #vmworld

The Software Defined Data Center Meets End-User Computing
Monday, August 26th at 5pm
Moscone Center West, Room 2009