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Five Analytics Features Every Socialcast Admin Should Use

by Jeff Sato, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst- Statistician


Social Business Intelligence (SBI), Socialcast’s in-app analytics platform, is enabled for all Socialcast communities and has many great features that add tremendous value for community administrators.

Today, we would like to highlight some of the most useful SBI features that we think every admin should leverage to increase adoption and engagement in their Socialcast community.

People Dashboard

Scast2The People Dashboard is a powerful tool to track community growth and adoption. This chart allows you to stay informed on community growth by looking at the number of invitations sent and new accounts created. You can easily see if your community is growing with increasing vigor or if you should take action to catalyze growth.

#protip One of the best ways to increase growth is to identify power users and work with them to invite their teams and business units to join the Socialcast community.

Engagement metrics are another set of critical metrics displayed on the People Dashboard. You can quickly see how many members have signed-in to your community that same day, as well as in the last week, month and all time. As your community becomes more active, members should sign-in more frequently.

#protip If adoption is lower than expected, we encourage community admins to focus on improving the Profile Photos and Connections Made metrics on the People Dashboard as they are drivers for higher adoption. In fact, studies conducted by our data science team have shown that members that upload profile photos and connect with team members during their first week in the community are more likely to become long-term, highly engaged, Socialcast users.

Most Active Members

most activeIn the last section, we recommended working with power users to spur adoption of your Socialcast community. So how do you identify who the super users are in your community? The “Activity by Individual” page. You can ask your power users to invite their team members to Socialcast. You can also partner with power users to help transform internal collaboration within their teams and business units by leveraging Socialcast.

#protip Be sure to also sort by Comments and Likes to identify additional super users.

Most Active Groups

GroupsThe Activity By Groups page is another useful way to drive engagement by identifying hotbeds of activity in your community.

#protip Our internal data analysis shows that most content is posted to groups, so members should be encouraged to join groups in order to join the Socialcast conversation. Using the data you gather, you can ensure that the most active groups are available for new users to join during the activation flow. This will make plenty of fresh content available to the user in their home stream immediately upon their first login and make clear to them the benefits of Socialcast.

Most Active Group Members

Groups NextIf you are wondering which users are driving the activity in the most active groups, you can click into a specific group’s activity page. The historical activity chart lists the group members who have posted the most messages and comments. These are great people to partner with as you work to evangelize Socialcast within your organization.

Applications Dashboard

ApplicationsThe Application Dashboard shows usage by application, allowing you to target specific apps for awareness campaigns.

#protip Our internal studies show that mobile users are more likely to become long-term engaged users of Socialcast, so community admins should encourage users to download the mobile apps from the app store.

Additionally, you can use this page to monitor the use of other applications that you have integrated with Socialcast. For instance, if you have connected your Sharepoint instance to Socialcast (via a Socialcast Reach extension), you can monitor engagement via that platform and understand the level of collaboration around files within your organization.

Reach Dashboard

ReachSocialcast customers use our Reach feature to extend the Socialcast discussion into external business systems (such as Jira, Salesforce or Sharepoint) and to bring work being done in those systems back into the Socialcast community. These types of integrations can aid in various use cases, including exception handling and knowledge capture. The Reach Dashboard allows community administrators to monitor how individual Reach integrations are performing to better understand user engagement.

We’ve only highlighted a few SBI pages above, but there are many more that provide additional insight into end user engagement. Check out information on trending discussions to promote content that your most active users are discussing. Our data shows that highly involved community administrators that leverage features based on key metrics in SBI prove to have the most successful Socialcast communities.

A great example is Dennis Agusi at Philips. He recently published a blog post about his use of advanced analytics, which he uses in addition to what is found in SBI.

Explore SBI today and help make your Socialcast community an even bigger success.Close2

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