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The Next Horizon! Introducing Horizon 7.1, Horizon Apps & Horizon Cloud

VMware Horizon 7 1 News 5

If you took a look at desktop and application virtualization in the past and thought, “This is just too complex and costly to make the move,” now is the time to revisit your decision.

Today, we are excited to announce new technologies and offerings that drive the cost and complexity out of getting started and allow you to address more use cases than ever before.

So, whether you are an existing VMware Horizon customer, new to desktop and application virtualization or using a competing solution, we have something here for you.

To begin, let me start with three new technology innovations in our Horizon portfolio. Continue reading

Profiling Applications with VMware User Environment Manager, Part 1: Introduction to Application Profiler

With contributions from:

Jim Yanik, Senior Manager, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

Pim Van De Vis, Product Engineer, User Environment Manager, Research & Development, VMware

Stephane Asselin, Lead Architect, App Volumes, VMware

Successful management of applications across physical, virtual, and cloud devices is becoming increasingly important. Whether your organization fits neatly in to one of those silos, or spans all three, the challenge is finding tools designed to work well for any one platform, and seamlessly across them all. VMware User Environment Manager is one of those tools. With a little savvy, you can provide a superior experience for your end users while simplifying profile management.


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What’s New in Horizon Cloud – February 2017

With contributions from Justin Venezia and Jerrid Cunniff.

The recently released  Horizon Cloud Service added several significant new features that enable customers to deploy desktops and applications in the cloud, on-premises, or in a combination of the two.   This release focused on integrations with Workspace ONE and delivering the technologies that support VMware’s Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP).

The features mentioned below cover the cloud-based implementation called Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure.

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10 Top Moments from EUC Insights 2017 — Americas

Thank you to everyone who joined our popular online event, EUC Insights 2017—Americas! It was one of our most successful virtual conferences yet. And the best news? You can watch the product sessions, dive into best practices and take our Hands-On Labs at any time on demand! Just click here to get started.

While the live EUC Insights 2017 event is over in the Americas, the APJ and Europe events are coming soon! Click one of these links to register for:

It was incredibly difficult to hone the amazing event down to a handful of favorites, but here are my 10 top moments from EUC Insights 2017 Americas.

1. Autodesk’s Innovative Story of Digital Transformation

Sumit Dhawan EUC Insights Keynote Continue reading

Redesigning the VMware AirWatch Privacy Policy


VMware AirWatch can be installed on corporate and personal devices to access company resources such as email, documents and productivity apps. When a company tells employees to install AirWatch on their phones to access company email, they might ask, “What can my manager see? Will my company know which apps I have on my phone? Can my company see my pictures or my browsing history?”

Our user experience (UX) team set out to address the issue of how end users perceive tools like AirWatch being installed on their devices, particularly personal devices. We realized much of the stigma associated with installing AirWatch came from a lack of knowledge about what AirWatch actually does.

Our goals were simple. The first one was to maintain transparency at all levels, since AirWatch forms a conduit between employers and employees. Our second goal was to educate both employers and employees on best practices to maintain employee privacy.

We realized much of the stigma associated with installing AirWatch came from a lack of knowledge about what AirWatch actually does.

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[Podcast] VMware End-User Computing on Frontline Chatter

EUC podcast

What’s next for VMware End-User Computing (EUC)? Pat Lee, vice president of product management for cloud apps and desktops at VMware, recently talked about this and much more on EUC podcast Frontline Chatter.

“We’re always going to be improving and making constant changes each quarter to address customer concerns, figure out the use cases and provide a competitive and truly strong solution in the marketplace.”

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud to hear Pat’s thoughts on the evolution of VMware EUC, his favorite VMware projects and the crazy world that is the Internet of Things:

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Jump (JMP), Radio & a Pony: Your Journey to Modern Workspace Management

Much like our industry’s tech evolution toward the digital workspace, the world is on a journey From analog to digital workspaces with VMware JMP Technologyto digital radio. In 2017, Norway will become the first country to begin the journey of turning off FM radio and going completely digital. There are many questions and concerns, but the destination is inevitable as many countries are soon to follow. Why are countries making this move? Because, according to Reuters, the current system is costly and inefficient:

For the same cost, digital radio in Norway allows eight times more radio stations than FM. The current system of parallel FM and digital networks, each of which cost about 250 million crowns (£23 million), saps investments in programs.”

What Is the Problem with Traditional Workspace Management?

Just as digital radio pioneers questioned the limits of what was possible with FM radio, we at VMware question the limits of what is possible with today’s workspace management solutions. Continue reading

Here Comes … Horizon Cloud

New VMware Horizon Cloud ServiceToday, I’m excited to announce VMware’s Horizon Cloud service. This new cloud-scale offering enables organizations to deploy feature-rich virtual desktops and applications in the cloud, on-premises or in a combination of the two. Horizon Cloud uniquely allows customers to bring-your-own (BYO) infrastructure from certified hyper-converged infrastructure partners or get fully managed infrastructure from VMware/IBM SoftLayer.

The Horizon Cloud service includes a number of key new features that enable organizations’ ability to flexibly deliver feature-rich and robust virtual desktops and apps in real time to end users.

[Related: VMware Accelerates Digital Workspace Transformation with New Application and Desktop Virtualization Offerings] Continue reading

VMware Horizon 7.1 & Horizon Apps: Raising the Bar for User Experience & Published Applications

VMware Horizon 7 1 and Horizon Apps Overview

VMware Horizon 7 is the premier platform for virtual desktops and applications, and we continually strive to make it even better. Today, we are excited to announce Horizon 7.1. In this release, we innovated in two key areas to raise the bar in delivering a great user experience and change the application delivery paradigm. Let’s dive in.

An Even Better User Experience

Introducing BEAT

While many remote display protocols do a satisfactory job across high-bandwidth and low-latency networks, they degrade considerably under non-ideal conditions. To unleash productivity for mobile and remote workers, the protocol must deliver a great user experience across non-ideal networks. This includes public Wi-Fi or mobile networks, as well as networks across longer transcontinental or intercontinental distances with lower bandwidth, higher latencies and packet loss. That’s where VMware Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport—or BEAT—comes in. Continue reading

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications 6.4, Part 3: New Application-Crash Alerts for Desktop Applications and New Dashboard for Root-Cause Analysis

vrealize operations for horizon part 3


This blog post addresses two new features of VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications 6.4. The first is application-crash alerts for desktop applications. The second is a dashboard for root-cause analysis.

Part 1 of the blog-post series described what is new in vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications 6.4. Part 2 discussed new support for monitoring VMware App Volumes, View in VMware Horizon 7, and VMware Access Point. Part 4 will provide information about memory usage, support, and enhancements. Continue reading