VMware Horizon

Workforce Evolution

by Liam Yu, Product Marketing, VMware

Today’s workforce has seen dramatic evolution since the first day a remote worker crawled from the client-server ‘mud’ onto the shores of virtualization and ushering in the mobile-cloud era. Today, remote workers come in all shapes and sizes. The first remote workers (branch office, home users, and “ye ol’ road warrior’) now share the enterprise landscape with new species of workers with names like BPOs, FTEs, contractor supply chain, ecosystem users, and other exotic users (some of which aren’t even employees). What’s more, these new anywhere, anytime users expect anywhere IT service on their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones or else they simply go around IT. In the past such Darwinian consumerization behavior challenged the ‘natural order’ of IT and was a clear violation of corporate policy – not to be tolerated.

But with the majority of workers bringing so many of their personal devices, (and apps) into the organizations usage trends such as “bring your own device” (BYOD) and “corporate-owned, personally enabled” (COPE) have become mainstay essentials to delivering IT scale and end-user choice.

However, IT be warned! Many products claim so called device management yet only really turn off the devices capabilities resulting in poor user experience. Moreover the interruption of access to apps, the removal of personal data result in personal privacy with their own set of risks. What’s’ more, many vendors provide only partial remedies. This leaves IT plugging holes leading to greater complexity, risk, and poor quality. IT should not have to meet their SLA with a point product pile up that is riddled with limitations (e.g. tablets but not for desktop or laptops -sorry).

The VMware® Horizon™ Suite’s approach delivers a holistic, right-sized solution, providing user choice, without compromising security or IT control. Horizon Suite does this by:

  • Allowing users to access ALL their files and applications at anytime, across devices – desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Creating a separate environment for corporate applications and data. The environment can be completely isolated, secured and customized by the enterprise IT admin and can prevent corporate data leakage and preserve the privacy of employees’ personal information.
  • Enabling holistic user-based policy, for any mobile or remote state

By doing so, VMware helps organizations redefine the boundary of BYOD to really include any device. With Horizon Suite, IT gets a platform that allows them to provide secure and highly available access to desktops, apps, and data. Horizon Suite takes advantage of virtualization, application imaging and device awareness to provide IT with an end-to-end solution to meet the demands of the mobile workforce. It also allows IT to manage only what they need to (i.e. the assets that are owned by the enterprise) thus bringing security and compliance to devices, regardless of who owns them.

In short Horizon Suite allows IT meet a broader need of their evolving workforce. VMware believes that customers should be given a solution that considers their entire workforce. Moreover, these solutions should allow customers to adopt and adapt to future needs without comprising the quality of service, or increase complexity and risk for IT. In one solution, Horizon Suite’s technologies give you a comprehensive approach to meet today’s end user computing needs while allowing you to scale to meet the needs of all of those new workforce creatures that may emerge on an organization’s doorstep.

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