VMware Horizon

Best in class EUC solution with VMware, HP and Atlantis Computing

By: Pete Brey, Worldwide Marketing Manager, HP

By: Seth Knox, VP Products, Atlantis Computing

By: Muthu Somasundaram, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

The end-user computing landscape is changing rapidly. Where once it was difficult to justify initial capital expenditures and to demonstrate ROI for an end-user virtualization project, now it is becoming increasingly feasible. What’s more, current state-of-the-art solutions are not only able to hit ROI hurdles, they are also capable of delivering an improved end user experience with 24×7 anytime, anywhere access with high availability, mobility, BYOD, and security built in. Desktop virtualization strategies you once thought unachievable are now totally within your reach.

VMware, HP and Atlantis Computing are at the forefront of delivering such an advanced solution – a highly available and secure solution with excellent performance, lower deployment cost and risk, and support for mobility/BYOD initiatives. For many organizations, desktop virtualization is the right move, and with a mature solution using VMware® Horizon View™, HP Converged Infrastructure, and Atlantis ILIO it can be a reality. This new solution:

  • Mitigates risk – By delivering a proven solution, backed by the expertise of companies you trust—HP, VMware and Atlantis Computing
  • Enhances the end user experience – By delivering cost-effective, PC-like performance for all employee desktops
  • Reduces capital outlay – By optimizing storage performance and capacity to deliver virtual desktops that cost less than PCs
  • Lowers operating costs – By reducing the storage footprint in the data center and automating desktop virtualization deployment

The central components that make up this solution include VMware AlwaysOn Desktop with VMware Horizon View, HP Converged Infrastructure with HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP BladeSystem, and Atlantis ILIO software.

The core solution starts with VMware Horizon View, built on HP Converged Infrastructure, built from industry leading storage and compute platforms. HP 3PAR StoreServ storage was designed with virtualization in mind, and delivers the scalable performance, availability, and simplicity needed for successful end user computing projects. With up to 68% reduction in data center costs, up to 88% less time required to manage, and up to 90% reduction in downtime, HP BladeSystem is an ideal compute platform for end user computing.

Atlantis ILIO, together with HP Converged Infrastructure, delivers core infrastructure that is optimized for VMware Horizon View desktops to increase desktop performance, while also reducing storage requirements by up to 95 percent. This advanced solution enables you to deploy immediately using existing images, so you can be on your way to achieving ROI quickly.

VMware AlwaysOn for Desktops with VMware Horizon View taps the powerful advantages of the HP and the Atlantis Computing core infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive, highly capable desktop virtualization solution. This complete solution enables a highly available, mobile, and secure infrastructure which is optimized to reduce initial capital expenditures and to ensure long-term return on investment.

HP and Atlantis Computing In Action: Global Bank 15,000 User VDI Deployment

A global bank with more than 200,000 employees wanted to deploy desktop virtualization to centralize desktop management, lower costs, and increase employee productivity and mobility. Unfortunately, due to less optimal initial sizing, the bank’s early implementation was far more expensive per desktop than a physical PC. The implementation also suffered from performance issues that affected user productivity and increased helpdesk calls. The bank first tried to move to a stateless end user environment, but found the existing solution was too costly, time consuming, and complex.

To turn the project around, the customer worked with HP and Atlantis Computing to design an optimized persistent end user computing environment. Using HP’s scalable, low-cost, high-performance Converged Infrastructure and Atlantis ILIO software, the bank is now on track for scaling its initial 15,000-user VDI deployment to 100,000 users during the next 12 months.

Working together as a collaborative team, VMware, HP, and Atlantis Computing leverage our deep expertise developed at some of the largest and most successful desktop virtualization deployments in the world. By leveraging our extensive experience, our methodology, and our proven solution, you too can achieve what was once impossible.

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