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What’s New with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution at VMware Explore 2022 (US)

Finally, VMware Explore is here! Find out the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution live and on-demand sessions here. This year, we have some exciting news to share with you about Oracle Cloud VMware Solution at VMware Explore. Let’s flashback first. Our partnership with Oracle Cloud has got deeper– in April 2022, VMware and Oracle Cloud partnered to announce the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Spring ’22 Release that featured the E4 Dense bare metal shape in 32-, 64-, and 128- core configurations, support for File Storage that allows scaling up to 8 exabyte, Shielded ESXi Instances protecting users from ransomware attacks, and integration of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) monitoring and notification services. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is now available in 39 regions and keeps growing to meet our global customers’ needs. New regions include a second region in Paris, France; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Querétaro, Mexico.

Today, we are announcing more new capabilities at VMware Explore. Let’s dive deep!

Introducing the VMware validated service, Tanzu Standard, which is now supported on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution:

What is VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Standard?

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of technologies to support modern, containerized applications, and infrastructure for delivering better software to production faster. VMware packages Tanzu technologies into solutions that address the most common enterprise modernization challenges. Among these packages is Tanzu Standard edition, which targets customers that wish to simplify the deployment and operations of Kubernetes clusters for multi-cloud environments.

Tanzu Standard offers a full enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime that can be deployed across multiple infrastructures, with a global control plane for consistent and efficient management of multiple Kubernetes clusters across clouds. Using Tanzu Standard, customers can easily deploy and operate a consistent enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime platform, powered by Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and on-premises and VMware Cloud Foundation.

Benefits of running your Kubernetes clusters on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with Tanzu Standard:

  • Run and manage Kubernetes consistently on-premises with vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution via a single control plane.
  • Standardize with established processes, automation, and policy on VMware infrastructure while leveraging the VMware SDDC to run any workload type — both traditional VM workloads and containerized modern workloads.
  • Gain administrative control over the underlying VMware infrastructure on which your Kubernetes workloads are running. In addition, with a dedicated infrastructure, you can better meet your security and compliance requirements.
  • Run your VMs and Containers on the same infrastructure with Tanzu Standard on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, which allows you have both your traditional VM workloads and container workloads on the same infrastructure with a single point of governance.

Single host SDDCs are now available for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution:

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows customers to deploy a starter configuration with a single host. With Hybrid Linked Mode support, it provides a single view of on-premises and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution resources. The Single Host SDDCs are ideal for test and development or proof-of-concept purposes, but not for production workloads or as a long-term solution. The use cases include:

  • Accelerating on-boarding with expert support
  • Migration between on-premises and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution using VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension for large-scale migration, VMware vMotion for live migration, and cold migration
  • Disaster recovery evaluation of cloud-based DR services, such as Site Recovery Manager and third-party solutions
  • Creating desktop pools with Horizon to evaluate creating full clones and instant clones before scaling your SDDC to a full production environment
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency access to other native Oracle Cloud services

Single Host SDDCs have the following limitations and considerations:

  • Single Host SDDCs do not support production workloads.
  • Single host SDDCs do not have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supported service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Oracle support is limited to commercially reasonable support. VMware support is available only for the first 60 days.
  • Single host SDDCs do not expire but are limited to the Hourly and Monthly billing options. See VMware Billing Options for more information.
  • Single Host SDDCs are not backed up. If the single host fails, your data is lost.

Setting up a Single Host SDDC today! To get started with a Single Host configuration for test and development, log in to the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution console and select Create SDDC and Single Host. For more information, refer to the documentation.


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