Introducing VMware Cloud on Dell EMC With Tanzu Services

Customers who have discovered VMware Cloud on Dell EMC love how this service provides a balance of the best attributes of on-premises and the public cloud. Customers really enjoy the custom-sized, modern infrastructure delivered on-premises; preloaded with VMware’s compute, storage, and networking software and the 24 x 7 support and full life cycle management of the hardware and software in the predictable monthly bill. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides a world class cloud service with consistent infrastructure without the burden of managing the hardware. This innovative service provides an ideal IT hosting environment for handling any modern workload while moving forward with organizational digitalization goals. While support for modern workloads is important – optimal administration and management of these modern workloads is paramount.  

Today, we are announcing general availability of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu services. This innovative solution delivers enterprise-class Kubernetes to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC customers and is essential in providing the tools they need to accelerate their application modernization initiatives efforts forward while effortlessly maintaining their traditional workloads.

Support of Tanzu services for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC enables customers to run and manage the growing number of modern applications they have more effectively. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu services enables operators to deliver Kubernetes as a Service through the VMware Cloud console quickly and easily to developer teams, while leveraging a multi-cloud Kubernetes control plane to centrally manage all their Kubernetes clusters across data centers and clouds securely and efficiently. It provides intelligent orchestration, management and simplification features that make it much easier for enterprises to administer and manage their containerized workloads.  

An example where VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu Services provides an ideal modern workload environment could be in the modernization of Healthcare IT. Modern Healthcare organizations are highly software-centric, which often results in costly and complex IT infrastructures to support the number and breadth of different applications needed to run the organization. Tanzu services helps eliminate this infrastructure complexity through providing a consistent infrastructure to run any type of workloads – both VM-based workloads and container workloads – with efficient and consistent operations and governance.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu services includes Tanzu Kubernetes Grid services, which enables quick provisioning of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters via the VMware Cloud Console, and Tanzu Mission Control Essentials, a multi-cloud Kubernetes management platform, allowing central management of your Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and any conformant clusters running anywhere in terms of access, security and cluster lifecycle etc. Tanzu services are included within VMware Cloud on Dell EMC delivered as a single service offering, and available to all the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC customers at no cost.

For customers looking to operationalize their IT costs while at the same time update their IT infrastructure to handle modern workloads, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu services is an ideal solution that removes the burden of managing the compute and container infrastructures so that they can focus on digitalizing and growing their businesses. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Tanzu services is available through the November 2021 release update for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC announced today. For more information, please visit the VMware Tanzu or VMware Cloud on Dell EMC page.