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Testing SAP S/4HANA on Stretched Cluster for VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware vSphere® Metro Storage Cluster configurations (referred to as stretched storage clusters or metro storage clusters) are implemented across two datacenters with limited distance to provide benefits like: Workload mobility Cross-site automated load balancing Enhanced downtime avoidance. Stretched cluster deployment includes: maintaining two datacenter locations; deploying a single storage subsystem spanning both sites; stretching the Read more...

Virtualizing HPC Throughput Computing with CPU Over-commitment


High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads have traditionally been run only on bare-metal, unvirtualized hardware. However, performance of these highly parallel technical workloads has increased dramatically over the last decade with the introduction of increasingly sophisticated hardware support for virtualization, enabling organizations to begin to embrace the numerous benefits that a virtualization platform can offer. This Read more...