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Licensing Microsoft SQL Server in a VMware Cloud on AWS Environment


…. From Part I As enterprise IT teams, leadership and business owners continuously drive towards service improvements, they invariably look at the public cloud infrastructure as a possible target for their mission critical applications. Whereas virtualization is now generally accepted as the default platform for enterprise-grade applications, businesses looking to leverage the public cloud for Read more...

Sapphire in Orlando, FL June 5-7 2018 – Transform your entire SAP landscape with VMware (booth #343)


Every year, business and IT executives from around the world gather at Sapphire to learn more about new SAP products, hear more about the company’s roadmaps, and learn how to get the most out of their SAP landscape. This year, Sapphire attendees can take advantage of several opportunities to explore how VMware can help transform their entire SAP landscapes, Read more...

Machine Learning using Virtualized GPUs on VMware vSphere


Machine learning (ML) has recently undergone huge progress in research and development. Importantly, the emergence of deep learning (DL) and the computing power enhancement of accelerators like GPUs have together enabled a tremendous adoption of machine learning applications. This has caused machine learning to have a broader and deeper impact on our lives in many Read more...