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Running Microsoft Exchange Server on VMware Cloud on AWS – Should You? (Part II)


…. From Part I As enterprise IT teams, leadership and business owners continuously drive towards service improvements, they invariably look at the public cloud infrastructure as a possible target for their mission critical applications. Whereas virtualization is now generally accepted as the default platform for enterprise-grade applications, businesses looking to leverage the public cloud for Read more...

RUSH POST : VMware Tools and RSS Incompatibility Issues


UPDATE II: We have released VMware Tools Version 10.2.0, with more fixes and improvements for VMXNet3  vNICs. Please download and update your VMware Tools, even if only for the additional improvements in VMXNet3 vNIC drivers. Recommended drivers versions for Windows and Microsoft Business Critical applications is: UPDATE: We have just released a new version Read more...

RUSH POST: Microsoft Convenience Update and VMware VMXNet3 vNIC Incompatibilities


LATEST UPDATE: VMware has received confirmation that Microsoft has determined that the issue reported in this post is a Windows-specific issue and unrelated to VMware or vSphere. Microsoft is encouraging customers to follow the directions provided in Microsoft KB3125574 for the recommended resolution. All further updates will be provided directly by Microsoft through the referenced KB. Read more...

Now Updated: Microsoft Exchange Server on VMware vSphere Best Practices Guide


Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the mission critical applications most commonly virtualized on the vSphere platform. As customers become more comfortable and familiar with virtualization in general and the VMware vSphere virtualization platform in particular, they become more confident, enough to virtualize their Exchange Server environments. To help customers achieve success as they begin Read more...

Completely Disable Time Synchronization for your VM


Some administrative practices, like a bad habit, have more lives than the proverbial cat – they tend to stay around forever. It is, therefore, very comforting when one finds a problematic administrative practice that has not just been universally abandoned by administrators, but is also on the top of any junior administrator’s “configurations sure to Read more...