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SAP HANA with Intel Optane Persistent Memory on VMware vSphere


Intel Optane persistent memory (Optane PMem), is a new technology that bridges the gap between volatile DRAM and persistent storage.  As the need for increased data processing continues to grow, optimizing SAP HANA with Intel Optane persistent memory on VMware vSphere will deliver much higher memory capacity much more affordably than with conventional DRAM memory alone. Increases in memory density Read more...

SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA with VMware vSphere 7.0


VMware has worked together with SAP and its hardware partners like Dell and Fujitsu to validate and test vSphere 7.0 against SAP defined KPIs for virtualized platforms. These KPIs validate not only performance deviations, but also consistency and operation of a virtualized SAP NetWeaver (AnyDB) and SAP HANA systems on vSphere. I am very pleased Read more...

SAP HANA HCI Powered by VMware and Partner Solutions


VMware is virtualizing x86 server hardware for over a decade and since the last 10 years, SAP provides production support for VMware virtualized SAP applications. In 2014 this support got extended to virtualized SAP HANA. The next logical step for VMware was to virtualize storage and to work with SAP to get SAP HANA support Read more...