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Investigation of SAP NetWeaver with Persistent Memory on vSphere 6.7


In this article we investigate the performance of an SAP NetWeaver system with Persistent Memory (PMEM) on vSphere 6.7 (SAP NetWeaver is supported on vSphere 6.7).  vSphere 6.7 introduces support for PMEM which is a storage class that resides between DRAM and disk storage in the data storage hierarchy. It includes advantages of DRAM-like latency Read more...

Updated – Microsoft SQL Server on vSphere Best Practices


Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely deployed database platforms in the world, with many organizations having dozens or even hundreds of instances deployed in their environments. In addition, SQL Server is on the top of virtualized applications on the VMware vSphere platform. In continuous effort to facilitate the virtualized deployments of SQL Read more...