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Oracle on VMware Cloud on AWS – Custom CPU Core Count


Oracle on VMware Cloud on AWS – Custom CPU Core Count   VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that enables customers to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, this service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX along with VMware vCenter Read more...

Streamlined Operations for MongoDB with VMware PKS (Part 2 of 2)


In part 1 of the blog series we looked at the challenges of running Kubernetes and how VMware PKS can help alleviate them. In this part, we will look at the deployment of the solution with MongoDB Enterprise Operator on PKS and its validation.   Virtual Infrastructure Components: The virtual infrastructure used to build the Read more...

Microsoft SQL Server Workloads and VMware Cloud on AWS: Design, Migration and Configuration


Hosting mission-critical higly available Microsoft SQL Server (further referenced as SQL Server) workloads on VMware vSphere platform became mainstream during the last years. With the introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS enterprises now have an option to extend the vSphere hosting platform beyond on-premises datacenters into public cloud while maintaining the same toolset, user experience Read more...