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End to End Machine Learning with Natural Language processing for training and inference on vSphere (Part 1 of 2)


Introduction While virtualization technologies have proven themselves in the enterprise with cost effective, scalable and reliable IT computing, Machine Learning (ML) however has not evolved and is still bound to dedicating physical resources to obtain explicit runtimes and maximum performance. VMWare and Bitfusion has developed technologies to effectively share accelerators for machine learning over the Read more...

Management of SAP Data Flows in the Software Defined Datacenter with vRealize Network Insight


One important aspect of an SAP landscape is the numerous communication flows that can occur between the different SAP systems.  The landscape consists of production and multiple non-production environments (QA, development, testing, etc..). Each environment comprises multiple SAP systems and each system can have multiple tiers (web, application and database). In the Software Defined Data Read more...