Announcing General Availability of vSAN 8 

The monumental announcement of vSAN 8 with vSAN Express Storage Architecture™ punctuated our commitment to always innovating to meet the ever-evolving needs of the HCI market.

Today, November 8, 2022, VMware is proud to announce the general availability of vSAN 8. vSAN 8 is available to all customers and partners, with the choice to deploy with either the Original Storage Architecture or new Express Storage Architecture

This next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure software from VMware delivers performance without compromise to meet today’s business needs while future-proofing the data center for whatever tomorrow holds.  

vSAN 8 introduces vSAN Express Storage ArchitectureTM, a new optional storage architecture within the vSAN platform. vSAN Express Storage Architecture is the industry’s first single-tier HCI storage solution, designed to optimally leverage high-performance storage devices, providing up to 4x performance boosts. Advanced compression algorithms enable up to 4x better compression, furthering storage efficiency and contributing to a TCO reduction of up to 40%. vSAN Express Storage Architecture features scalable, native snapshots for improved backups, and a storage pool architecture that reduces fault domains and improves data availability.  

Customers that choose to stay with the Original Storage Architecture will also see benefits with vSAN 8, including enhanced performance for demanding workloads and proactive insights to avoid compatibility issues before they arise. 

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