#StorageMinute, vSAN File Services – Backups using Snapshots

Welcome back to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver pertinent information on all things storage in bite-sized content. In this episode, we are diving into vSAN File Services, more specifically, backups using snapshots with PowerCLI.

You know what they say, data is your best asset! And as the amount of unstructured data continues to accrue, management and protection is of the utmost importance for your organization. Luckily, vSAN native file services work to simplify data management and operations.

vSAN 7 Update 2 extends file services capabilities with the introduction of SBM and NFS. But while backup vendors work to incorporate this new logic, you can use PowerCLI to generate snapshots and use them as a source for backups.

In this episode of #StorageMinute, you will learn about vSAN file services management with PowerCLI and view an example of the process including:

  1. Using Veeam backup and recovery
  2. Creating a PowerShell script
  3. Adding the script to the backup job

To learn more about vSAN file services and backups using snapshots, check out this Tech Zone article. To view more episodes of #StorageMinute, check out our playlist on YouTube.