Common vSAN Networking, NIC and Switch Questions

This post will wrap up some common vSAN networking questions and includes helpful links for solutions to network-related configuration, device selection, and device configuration. The vSAN Networking Guide on StorageHub also holds a lot of great content on this subject.

vSAN Networking Update Part – 1

  • What should I consider when shopping for a switch?
  • How Should I configure and manage my switches?

vSAN Networking Update Part – 2

  • Why Should I use the Distributed Switch?

Cisco Nexus 2000 or FEX considerations with vSAN

  • Should I use a Nexus 2000 series (Cisco FEX) with VMware vSAN?

vSAN and VCF Networking Considerations

  • Can I run vSAN traffic through a firewall, IDS/IPS or load balancer?

Improving NIC and switch performance for vSAN (and other IP storage)

  • How should I configure my Switch buffers for vSAN traffic?
  • How can I improve NIC throughput performance?

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