Is VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Single Socket Supported?

Previously to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) you needed to check if hosts where on the VCF Compatability Guide. This being a subset of the ReadyNode program was limited to fewer options that only included two-socket servers.


As of VCF 3.0, this has changed.

Along with Bring Your Own Network (BYON), we no longer certify vSAN ReadyNodes and switch compatibility with VCF. As a result the VMware Compatibility Guide(VCG) will no longer display certified components for VCF 3.0. Please use the VCF Planning Guide to select compatible vSAN ReadyNodes. There are a number of Single Socket ReadyNodes and as long as they meet the other requirements (minimum memory requirements for VCF, Network Interface Card offloads for NSX, etc ).


Why would I look at single-socket servers for VMware Cloud Foundation?

As CPU Core density has increased, many customers may find that they want to look at single-socket storage dense nodes for specific workload profiles. One other major driver is AMD EPYC allowing for use of all memory channels and PCI lanes for single-socket systems. This should hopefully enable customers to more cost-effectively scale-out the host count to take advantage of vSAN erasure codes, add N+1 or N+2 resiliency to designs, and align CPU to storage ratios.


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