Designing vSAN Networks – 2019 Update part 2

Back in 2017, I wrote three blogs that covered some common vSAN network design choices:

Designing vSAN Networks – Dedicated or Shared Interfaces?

Designing vSAN Networks – Why Should I Use the Distributed Switch?

Designing vSAN Networks – Using Multiple Interfaces?

I thought it would be a good idea to start out the new year by discussing how these have aged, and what new questions have come up.

Why Should I use the Distributed Switch?

The origional advise on the improved LACP/LLDP/NIOC and management capabilities has stayed the same. It is worth noting that the distributed switch has become even easier to setup over the years in a few ways:

  • vSAN 6.6 introduced the config assist funcitonality that makes migrating and setting up a vDS even easier by combining many repetitive networking tasks into a single wizard.
  • vSAN 6.7 Update 1 introduced QuickStart. Quickstart rolls the networking configuration automation into a single cluster workflow that includes other health items like drivers and firmware updates as well as configuration of critical settings like HA and NTP.

In 2019 the vDS is now not only more powerful, but also simpler to manage going forward for vSAN cluster usage.



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