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Attain High Reliability through Data Center Virtualization

In today’s increasingly data-powered world, it’s necessary to have solutions in place that can store and manage mountains upon mountains of data. By choosing the right storage solution, you can increase system reliability, computing power and cut down on complexity related to fiber channel networks. That’s where data center virtualization with vSAN comes into play. vSAN is the only vSphere-native storage solution. As the core building block for the software-defined data center, vSAN is the perfect data center virtualization solution for any business across any industry. Because who doesn’t want more storage availability? Keep your systems engineers happy, by giving them more time to focus on strategy. Read on to see how vSAN can improve reliability through virtualization.


Increase System Reliability with vSAN

The modern data center has been transformed by vSAN, not only in design but in operation and optimization as well. A need and desire for fast, deterministic storage performance adds an extra level of emphasis to the importance of the consistent and reliable delivery of network traffic among hosts in a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) environment.


“We have used VMware to build a cluster split between several sites and a VMware vSAN based infrastructure for virtual storage.” – Maurizio Davini, CTO at Pisa University.


To gain better visibility into an element of your data center architecture that is overlooked, consider the performance service found in vSAN a step in the right direction. The University of Pisa took that step when they partnered with VMware, building a multi-site cluster and virtualization infrastructure based on vSAN. This pivot to modernize their data center highlights the growing necessity of enterprises and institutions to achieve and increase system reliability.


Maximize Flexibility with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by vSAN delivers flexible and powerful building blocks under unified management. It also provides Day 0 support for the latest technologies — from business critical applications to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)—by increasing application performance with agility and without a major infrastructure change. Due to these flash-accelerated capabilities, VDI and cloud-native applications are common workloads because of their need for high-throughput, low latency storage that scales out.

Relational databases, as well as other business-critical applications, are the primary use cases for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by vSAN. Day 0 support isn’t the only benefit of HCI. Users also receive certified solutions with the vendor of their choice. Additionally, all the resources needed are unified under policy-based management for ease of use and access.


Ease Data Center Management with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

In the days before hyperconvergence, IT experts had to procure compute resources (servers) and storage resources (external storage) individually. Every component required siloed operational expertise and management utilizing highly manual processes. HCI powered by vSAN reduces operating costs by utilizing tightly-integrated hardware and software solutions which eliminate complexities associated with fiber channel networks, purpose-built storage and complex LUN planning. Now, a single converged IT team can monitor and manage compute and storage resources in less time, freeing personnel to focus on other strategic priorities.

As you can see, vSAN makes high availability through data center virtualization not only attainable, but well within the grasp of any business. Through vSAN-powered hyperconverged infrastructure, consolidate & secure your data center(s). As the core of your most critical servers and data centers, choose HCI that you can trust! Learn more about our solutions and get inspired to Migrate to vSAN today by checking out our blog and following us on Twitter.


Read more about how the University of Piza utilizes vSAN here.



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