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vSpeaking Podcast Episode 77: vSphere 6.7 Security

VMware recently announced vSphere 6.7, the latest release of the industry-leading virtualization and cloud platform. VMware Security expert Mike Foley recently wrote a blog sharing the new security features available now in vSphere 6.7. In the post he explains “the goals of security in 6.7 are twofold. Introduce more easy to use security features and meet requirements set by customers’ IT and Security teams”.  This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast Mike shares how vSphere 6.7 has achieved both these goals.

Mike Foley is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware. His primary focus is on security of the core platform, vSphere.

His primary goal is to help IT Admins build more secure platforms that stand up to scrutiny from security teams with the least impact to IT Operations.

Mike is also the current author of the vSphere Security Configuration (formerly Hardening) Guide.


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Mike’s alter ego is Miguel Seguridad, a semi professional Mexican wrestler who has recently challenged his  arch-rival and nemesis Al Tomatico to a battle of wits. Seguridad vs Al Tomatico – (aka Security vs Automation)

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