VMware Cloud on AWS Site Recovery Manager

New VMware Site Recovery Demo Videos

VMware Site Recovery, the newly announced DRaaS solution for VMware Cloud on AWS has been getting a lot of attention and a lot of questions about it. Here are 3 new videos covering VMware Site Recovery from end-to-end available now on the VMware Storage YouTube channel.

The first video covers the process of enabling the service, installing the on-premises components, configuring the VMware Cloud on AWS firewall, pairing the sites and configuring mappings. At the conclusion of the steps in this video, you would be ready to start replicating and protecting virtual machines.


The second video covers the process of replicating and protecting virtual machines into VMware Cloud on AWS. In this video, you will get to use the new HTML5 UI to replicate and protect virtual machines in a single workflow. This includes all options for replication as well as adding the virtual machine(s) to an existing protection group or creating a new protection group and adding them to it. The virtual machine(s) can also be added to an existing recovery plan or a new one can be created and the virtual machine(s) added to it.



The last video in this series demonstrates what a disaster recovery failover from a customers location to VMware Cloud on AWS would look like. It also includes running a reprotect, recovery plan test and failback using planned migration to return our workloads to our on-premises datacenter after the disaster has passed.



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