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vSAN Online Health checks: New KBs now available

The vSAN team recently added the following new kbs to vSAN Online Health Checks

  1. vCenter Server up to date check – This health check scans the vCenter Server version to check for compatibility with the managed host. If the host is not compatible, the health will recommend the vCenter version that a user should upgrade to, to avoid potential issues.
  2. Physical network adapter link speed consistency check – If you notice high network latency, congestions, etc. one of your host’s physical network adapter might be slow compared to the other hosts. This check will help you identify the contributing host and walk you through how to reconfigure the adapter for the correct link speed.
  3. Recommended settings for RAID0 logical volumes on certain LSI based RAID vSAN – This kb provides recommended settings for creating RAID0 logical volumes on vSAN compatible controllers.


What are Online Health checks?



Online health checks are proactive and reactive guidance for your vSAN clusters. This includes compatibility checks with the vSAN HCL, KBs, best practices, blog posts, etc. among several other rules to analyze. Based on data that is sent to vSAN telemetry, Online Health Checks scans for conditions to check if a user’s vSAN setup is running as expected and validates it against predefined rules.  If these conditions are met, the corresponding health check will appear in the vSAN health summary. They will provide guidance of steps to take to correctly configure settings, resolve, issues, etc.


As a result, customers get the benefit of:

  • Improved performance of vSAN with health checks
  • Improved debugging with new ESXCLI commands
  • HCL compatibility checks
  • Online health checks between product updates

and many more.


These health checks can be found integrated into various workflows, including the new cluster “guided install” feature, and entering hosts into Maintenance Mode. These checks will appear in the Online health checks category if a customer is enrolled in the “Customer Experience Improvement Program” or CEIP for short. The Online health checks have helped several vSAN customers resolve potential in a quick and timely manner.


To ensure that customers have a great experience using vSAN, we will continue to add more checks to the existing repository and will update you as and when new  Online health checks are published.


How do I enable Online Health Checks in my vSAN environment?

One word: CEIP


As long as you are a vSAN customer who is enrolled in the CEIP program, you will automatically receive notifications for Online Health Checks along with several other vSAN features. With CEIP, your performance, configuration and product data is phone homed to our vSAN support and engineering teams enabling you to get faster support when you need it. The great part about CEIP is that your data is anonymized. You can learn more about the CEIP program here and here and you can learn how to configure it here. Once you are done, switch it on!


To learn about vSAN, visit VMware vSAN or Storage Hub for more information.


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