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Become a Superhero with VxRail

Dell EMC just launched the first installment of the Xpert Video Series. Guided by a superhero, this video series will tackle important subjects on all things VxRail, the first of which is on drive failures.


In Episode I, you’ll get an inside look at how VxRail, powered by VMware vSAN, handles various drive failure situations without losing data access. As we all know, sometimes even good drives go bad. It’s not common, but it happens. And when it does, you need to know that your critical applications are not going to miss a beat. Your data needs to be protected, your VMs must remain available, and your business must keep running.


What’s more, with vSAN inside, VxRail can even self heal itself, rebuilding a failed drive automatically and non-disruptively. Click below to see this in action from a real IT superhero:

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