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Nothing says “I love you” like 90+ new features and full support for OS X Lion!


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Recently chosen by Macworld as the best way to run Windows
on a Mac, VMware Fusion® 4 roars on OS X Lion!

Whether you would like to add your favorite Windows programs to Launchpad, experience them in Mission Control, view them in Lion full screen or switch between them using Mac gestures, VMware Fusion 4 is designed to give you the best Windows experience on
OS X Lion.

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Guest Blog: Shawn Hart, Lead Developer at Bullet Proof Orange

We are constantly hearing from developers that VMware Fusion is an essential tool in their development process. So we thought it would be cool to invite a few of them to share their stories. In this post we spoke to Shawn Hart, Lead Developer for Bullet Proof Orange. 

Sean Hart

I live in a Mac world, but work in web design where my audience can be using any number of browsers working on any number of systems. Although browser compatibilities are slowly becoming a thing of the past (fingers crossed), the legacy of the browser wars is still very much present and when I build a site I have to keep this in mind. As a freelancing designer/developer, I'm very much a one man shop for my client's needs and don't have a  dedicated QA department that can use different machines running different OS's. Instead I use Vmware Fusion 4 on a regular basis to test my product and make sure that my clients are reaching the largest possible audience, and looking good in the process (even in Explorer 7). Having the flexibility to just open up a window and have another operating system there at my beck and call, has made life so much easier and has streamlined my workflow considerably. I love that VMware Fusion gives guys like me the ability get the most out of the Mac. Thanks VMware Fusion!

You can check out Bullet Proof Orange at bulletprooforange.com

The VMware Fusion team hits the road.

Over the past couple of weeks, the VMware Fusion team has hit the road to meet face to face with VMware Fusion users.  It’s always exciting for us to get the chance to meet more of the VMware Fusion community and to hear about all the cool things our users are doing with VMware Fusion 4.


Mac IT 2012

The Mac IT event takes place during Mac World and is centered on all things Apple in the Enterprise. We are all huge Apple enthusiasts, so it is thrilling to speak to companies and education institutions from all over the world that are deploying Macs in their businesses and schools. The message we heard was clear. VMware is synonymous with stability and reliability in these environments, so naturally VMware Fusion 4 is a perfect fit for businesses that are using Macs and need to ensure maximum compatibility. We are excited to be so closely tied to the journey that Apple is taking into the Enterprise and look forward to continuing to help lead the charge of Macs in the Enterprise.


Apple Advance Camp 2012

The Apple advance camp is an event geared toward Apple Resellers and Apple Consultants. It was an amazing opportunity to share all the new features of VMware Fusion 4, as well as get feedback directly from some of the most knowledgeable Apple Consultants in the country. The response we received was incredible!  Hearing all the amazing stories of VMware Fusion 4 being deployed into everything from high schools to music studios was awesome!  

Blog Austin shot

We truly feel that we have some one of the most loyal and creative user communities out there, and its a real pleasure to get out and speak directly to even just a small portion of you. We look forward to having more chances to meet with many more of you in the near future.

Macworld chooses VMware Fusion for the “best way to run Windows on your Mac”


We are very excited to share that Macworld, the world’s Mac leading publication, has chosen VMware Fusion 4 as “the best way to run Windows on a Mac” highlighting its fast performance, easier installation and general operation, more Mac-like behavior and better value for money.

“So which virtualization solution should you purchase? In my comparison, Fusion comes out ahead“

 MacWorld 16th of January 2012

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this comparison and are excited to share some of the highlights of the article:

General performance: VMware Fusion 4 is faster than Parallels Desktop 7 in 9 out of 11 of the general performance tests!

Virtualization: “If you want to explore operating systems other than Windows, Fusion offers a much broader universe of alternatives”. VMware Fusion 4 offers the ability to virtualize more than 200 operating systems including Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X Lion as well as dozens of versions of Linux. VMware Fusion 4 also benefits from VMware’s broad ecosystem of “virtual appliances” which is 19 times larger than Parallels’. 

Price: At $49.99 for unlimited personal use, VMware Fusion 4 is far more affordable than Parallels Desktop 7 ($79.99SRP) which requires one license per machine. For example, if you have 3 Macs and would like to install a virtualization solution on your Macs for personal use, VMware Fusion 4 will cost you $49.99 while Parallels Desktop 7 will cost you more than 4 times that. (More on price below)

Installation and general operation:Installing Fusion 4 is surprisingly simple […]. Parallels, by contrast, is installed via an installer, its extensions are installed in the System folder and are always present, even when Desktop isn’t running. In addition, two background processes continue to run after you quit Parallels.”

Mac Integration: “[…] if you’re going to the trouble of using an integrated mode, chances are you want your Windows apps to behave just like your Mac ones. And in that case it makes more sense to treat the windows the way Fusion does.”

So it’s been four months since we released VMware Fusion 4 and we have been thrilled with the response from our customers and the VMware Fusion community. With more than 150 customer reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars it shows our customers and leading publications believe that VMware Fusion 4 delivers the value they are looking for in running Windows on their Mac.

To continue the momentum in 2012, we have decided to make $49.99 the permanent price for VMware Fusion 4 moving forward.

That’s right, one edition, one price to switch to Mac and run Windows without rebooting.

VMware Fusion 4 makes it a breeze to run Windows and Mac Applications side by side with incredible speed and the reliability users need. Optimized for today’s multi-core Macs and OS X Lion, VMware Fusion 4 is the best way to run Windows on a Mac!

Try VMware Fusion 4 for free today!

VMware Fusion 4: “The Clear Choice For Real Estate Agents”

Justin Holman, Senior Developer for Las Vegas Association of Realtors says, “VMware Fusion 4 is the clear choice for real estate agents.” 


A Must Have for Real Estate Agents

Working at the Las Vegas Association of Realtors as the head of Technology, Justin Holman is in charge of helping real estate agents in the Las Vegas area gain access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) on their Mac. “MLS is the single most important tool for real estate agents, and you need Windows in order to view the site. I tell every agent that has a Mac that they absolutely need VMware Fusion.” 


Simplicity is key

 “Alot of real estate agents are not super tech savy, so they are naturally drawn to the ease of use of a Mac. We use VMware Fusion for the exact same reason. It is the simplest, easiest way to gain access to Windows programs. Every agent you talk to just wants the most reliable solution possible. A Mac running VMware Fusion is perfect for that.”

Vegas realestate

 Why VMware Fusion over Parallels?

I did a lot of research into the two programs before I purchased and every bit of information I read said that VMware Fusion had the edge in turns of reliability and ease of use.  The simplicity of VMware Fusion is so great, We have a lot of users here that are really new to Mac, so we really need a program that can get out of the way and just work.

Backing up your Virtual Machine in VMware Fusion 4 Part 2

Last week we covered how to use use Time Machine to back up your Virtual Machines using VMware Fusion 4. This week we thought we would take a closer look at some other options you have to back up your Virtual Machine. 

Back up just the files you need with shared and mirrored folders. 

Shared and Mirrored folders are an great way to backup just the files you need such as, documents, movies, and music using Time Machine. Here we will walk you through the process of how to set up mirrored and shared folders. 

System Prefrences

You can access shared and mirrored folders in the settings menu under “Sharing” 

Shared Folders

Sharing folders allows you to select a folder and have access to any files stored inside that folder in both Mac OS and your Virtual Machine. This is a good way to manually select the files that you would like to have backed up via Time Machine. To choose the folders you would like to share, click the plus button to browse your Mac’s hard drive. Once you’ve selected the folder, you can simply drop the files into the shared folder to share between Mac OS and your Virtual Machine, because these files are stored in Mac OS X they will automatically be backed up via Time Machine.



Mirrored Folders 

Mirrored folders work in a similar way to shared folders. In this case mirrored folders allows you to select an entire folder such as Documents or Downloads and VMware Fusion will automatically mirror the entire folder.  Again, because these files are stored on the Mac, this makes it easy for you to always have a backup of your commonly used files. 

Its important to note that VMware Fusion does not create duplicates of the files in the mirroring process, but simply creates one folder that’s accessible from Mac OS X and your Virtual Machine. 

Sharing copy


Looking back at Time Machine

With last weeks post we had some folks asking for more clarification regarding Time Machine Backup and VMware Fusion 4. 

Its important to note that when you are backing up a Virtual Machine using Time Machine, due to the large nature of the files you will most likely see your backup drive fill up faster than normal. By using Auto protect you can greatly decrease the size of the Virtual Machine files that Time Machine backs up. This will allow you to have a back up of your entire virtual machine, without taking quite as big of a toll on the hard drive that Time Machine backs up to.


Backing up your Virtual Machine with Time Machine.

In this weeks tip we will show you how you can include your Virtual Machine in the Time Machine Backup on your Mac.

Time Machine is an automated backup solution built into OS X that is a great way to protect all the data on your Mac. Now with VMware Fusion 4 you can include your Virtual Machine in the Time Machine backup, this ensures that your Virtual Machines are just as protected. 

You can set up your Virtual Machine to be included in your Time Machine Backups in a couple easy steps.

From the VMware Fusion Application Menu Click “Virtual Machine > Snapshots”


Once inside Snapshots in the bottom right corner you will see “AutoProtect” take the slider and move it to “On”


Next you can customize the settings for Auto Protect. This will allow you to customize the frequency of the snapshots (how often it a backs up your Virtual Machine), as well as the maximum number of snapshots it will keep stored on your machine. 

Auto Protect settings


That’s it! Now that you have enabled Auto Protect, Time Machine will automatically backup your entire Virtual Machine. Instant piece of mind!


Weekly Tips and Tricks: Whats New in VMware Fusion 4.1

In this week’s tip we will walk through some of the new features in VMware Fusion 4.1


Smart Full Screen

 New to VMware Fusion Fusion 4.1 is the all new Smart Full Screen. 

   To enable smart full screen simply click the full screen button in the Fusion menu bar.


Once you select full screen, VMware Fusion will automatically adjust to your current display settings and give you the full screen mode that makes the most sense. 

If you are using a single display (i.e. a Mac Book Pro and not connected to a display) VMware Fusion will enable the Lion method for full screen, allocating a space for your Virtual Machine.


If you are currently using multiple displays on your Mac when you enable full screen, VMware Fusion will Automatically adjust full screen to allow you to take advantage of both displays.



More Control

Also new to VMware Fusion 4.1 is increased control from inside Full Screen. Now dragging your mouse to the top of the screen allows you to access the VMware Fusion toolbar and OS X application menu. You’ll notice there is a small delay from when you move the mouse to the top of the screen, to when you see the menu drop down. This is designed to make it easier to access the OS X Application Menu when running versions of OS X as a virtual machine.  

Menus in full screen 4.q
Another cool new feature of VMware Fusion 4.1 is the Full Screen Minibar. This feature gives you quick access to commonly used functions of the Virtual Machine, such as, Suspend, Settings Menu, and Toggling between view modes.

Mini Bar

To enable the mini bar go to View > Full Screen Minibar > Always Show/Automatically Hide and Show.

Enable mini bar

Auto Launch your Virtual Machine

Lastly, a popular new feature of VMware Fusion 4.1 is the ability to Automatically Power on a Virtual Machine. Simply launch VMware Fusion 4.1 and your favorite Virtual Machine instantly launches with it. To assign this setting to Virtual Machine go to Settings > General > and select “start automatically when VMware Fusion Launches.” 


How far has Technology come in 43 years?

In 1968


this Computer could be picked up for a measly $1.6 million. For that you got a 1.3 MHz CPU, with half a megabyte of RAM and a 100 megabyte hard drive.



In 2011 on a MacBook Pro…


VMware Fusion 4.1 and Mac OS X Virtual Machines

VMware Fusion 4.1 was released late last week and includes many great improvements.  One change was the introduction of a new license verification step for users to verify they are in compliance with the OS licensing terms.

When the license verification step was added in VMware Fusion 4.1 the server edition check was omitted. We are preparing an update.   

Running Mac OS X client in a virtual machine continues to require Lion (purchased from the Mac App Store or a USB thumb drive.)  Users should always ensure they remain in compliance with any applicable software license agreements.