VMware Fusion 4 vs Parallels Desktop 7

We are extremely excited and proud to have received the Editors Choice awards by both MacWorld UK and PC Magazine for VMware Fusion 4. It’s great to see that all the work our developers have put in this release is being recognized.

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We are also very excited by the recent Infoworld review:

Fusion significantly outperforms Parallels Desktop in all the other categories: 2D graphics (by 32.5 percent), 3D graphics (by 53.3 percent), memory (by 17.9 percent), and disk (by 7.7 percent).

We are aware of the recent benchmark analysis published by MacTech and you can rest assured that our engineers are looking closely at any test results where VMware Fusion is not as great as we would like it to be.

What we feel is important to keep in mind, as other journalists and reviewers have noted, is that virtualization benchmarks do not accurately represent real-world performance. 

We believe there are a lot of criteria to consider when choosing the best virtualization solution to run Windows on a Mac. Reliability, stability, user interface, features, technical support and value are all important when choosing a virtualization solution that meets your needs. 

Customer reviews are another great way to find out what other users are saying about VMware Fusion 4. Click the image below to see our reviews on Amazon:


Ultimately, nothing beats first-hand experience and we encourage you to go ahead and try VMware Fusion 4 today for yourself. 


If you love VMware Fusion as much as we do, please share your experience and let the world know!


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  1. It’s pretty easy to be faster at 3D rendering considering Fusion only shows black squares in the Aero preview and Aero flip, and IE9 renders blank pages and rendering by Messenger is also corrupted. All these things worked just fine in v3. It looks to me like Fusion cuts some corners that Parallels doesn’t.
    VMware technical support is also not all that great considering that these problems have been reported on your forum since at least mid september and still have not been properly addressed.
    After using Fusion since v1 and finding out these problems after buying v4 I now had to switch to Parallels. I’m not so sure I’ll ever go back because I like the 3D acceleration in Linux and the real Lion full screen support (VMware using a fake Lion full screen button is really disingenuous).

  2. Even worse is the brain damaged policy of no upgrade price – existing customers pay full price. Someone in vmware management needs a hearty dope slap.

  3. I’m using Fusion on an iMac and have no problems with Aero, Aero Peek/Preview, or Aero Flip. That problem might be video card dependent, but Win 7 works better on my mac quite often than it does on my PC, and I’m not running a weak PC.
    Thanks vmware.

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