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Weekly Tips and Tricks:Integrating your Windows Programs into OS X

In our weekly tips and tricks series we write about cool features of VMware Fusion 4 that we are really excited about. This week we cover…


Integrating your Windows Programs into OS X

This week we'll show you how to you can gain seamless access to your Windows Programs from inside OS X.Mac App Folder


Application sharing is a great way to access to your Windows programs in exactly the same way that you access your Mac applications. For example, need to launch Microsoft Access? Simply go to the Mac applications folder and there it is! Just double click to launch! This provides an even more seamless experience when running Windows on the Mac with VMware Fusion 4.


FsafsdfsdfTo use this feature first ensure that you have Application Sharing enabled. Its easy! Simply go to the the settings menu and select Default applications. Then select “Run Windows applications from your Macs Applications Folder”


With Windows Application sharing enabled you can now easily access your Windows Programs from,

Launch Pad   Launchpad with Windows Applications

Spotlight  Spotlight

And the Mac Application FolderMac App Folder



Tune in next week, we will talk about how to view your Windows programs without seeing Windows.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Tips and Tricks:Integrating your Windows Programs into OS X

  1. Victor

    Is there a way to limit which applications are added to the mac Applications folder?
    It would be cool to be able to select specific applications to be made available.

  2. MacTeke

    In the product page at the following URL (http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/migrate.html#OSXLion), it states:
    “With VMware Fusion 4, Windows programs can be viewed in full screen so every pixel of your screen real estate is utilized. You can even have multiple full screen Windows programs in Spaces and swipe between them.”
    How exactly do I run separate Windows programs in their own spaces? I want to run both Access and InfoPath in full screen at the same time, but can’t seem to figure out how, nor can I find any documentation with instructions for doing so.


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