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VMware Fusion 4: “The Clear Choice For Real Estate Agents”

Justin Holman, Senior Developer for Las Vegas Association of Realtors says, “VMware Fusion 4 is the clear choice for real estate agents.” 


A Must Have for Real Estate Agents

Working at the Las Vegas Association of Realtors as the head of Technology, Justin Holman is in charge of helping real estate agents in the Las Vegas area gain access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) on their Mac. “MLS is the single most important tool for real estate agents, and you need Windows in order to view the site. I tell every agent that has a Mac that they absolutely need VMware Fusion.” 


Simplicity is key

 “Alot of real estate agents are not super tech savy, so they are naturally drawn to the ease of use of a Mac. We use VMware Fusion for the exact same reason. It is the simplest, easiest way to gain access to Windows programs. Every agent you talk to just wants the most reliable solution possible. A Mac running VMware Fusion is perfect for that.”

Vegas realestate

 Why VMware Fusion over Parallels?

I did a lot of research into the two programs before I purchased and every bit of information I read said that VMware Fusion had the edge in turns of reliability and ease of use.  The simplicity of VMware Fusion is so great, We have a lot of users here that are really new to Mac, so we really need a program that can get out of the way and just work.

5 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 4: “The Clear Choice For Real Estate Agents”

  1. Angelo

    I’m a fan of VMWare over Parallels… The bigger question/issue is that the MLS still requires IE… that’s a major flaw which eventually will need an update because MS is phasing out those older versions.

  2. London Marketing Lab

    Im also a fan of VMware in my business as many marketing tools are only available on the windows platform, but running a windows machine as my main business computer is not feasible due to the instability of Windows based computers.
    I also love the snapshot feature, which allows me to take a snapshot of home my system is at the moment, then test a software installation, and if it caused any problems I can simply roll back to how the system was before the installation.
    In case of having to use a Virtual machine to view a website is quite disconcerting.
    I this case the problem definitely lies with the website not being compatible with modern operating systems and relying on vendor specific technology (both bad signs)
    When it comes to websites the whole idea is to allow anyone on any platform (or device- even a TV) to be able to consume your information.
    Glad to see that Real Estate agents and businesses alike is taking the power to get over platform specific design decisions made by other.

  3. va foreclosed home

    A real estate agent is the person who is responsible to give a person every detail required by him/her. Real estate agency provides a convenient option for people who want to buy or sell houses in near future. and that’s good tool for real estate agent. Thanks for sharing.


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