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Macworld declares VMware Fusion 4 “fast and stable…about as easy as it gets.”

Today Macworld released their higly anticipated review of VMware Fusion 4. We are extremly excited about the great feedback in the article. So we thought we would use take a minute to share some key points.

MacWorld shot   Macworld shot 2

Below are some highlights of the review

Running Windows


"Generally, using Windows 7 in Fusion 4 was marked by an absolute lack of drama. Applications simply ran—and ran well. I had no crashes, and the occasional Windows update installed without trouble. I played some high definition video clips in Windows Media Player, and they played back with clear video and stutter-free audio. In short, Windows 7 and Fusion 4 work very well together."


Other operating systems


“VMware also has a collection of nearly 2,000 downloadable virtual appliances (ready-to-run configurations of operating systems and/or applications), many of which are free of charge. After downloading, you can be up and running with these systems with a couple of mouse clicks.”




“This feature is incredibly useful; using it, you can create unique virtual machines within the same virtual operating system. You could, for instance, create an OS X virtual machine running OS X 10.7, save a snapshot, then install the OS X 10.7.1 update, and save that snapshot. You can then save additional snapshots off either the 10.7 or 10.7.1 "branches," keeping two distinct installations going.”


Macworld's buying advice

“Fusion 4 is a nice upgrade from Fusion 3; it's fast and stable, the interface is very Mac-like, and its drag-and-drop installation is about as easy as it gets. The redesigned virtual machine settings and library windows are great improvements over their predecessors…current Fusion 3 users should upgrade to Fusion 4 to take advantage of its new features and capabilities. If you're new to the virtualization market, or contemplating switching from another program, Fusion 4 works great for typical Windows office usage, and is a great solution if you're wanting to experiment with other operating systems.” 

Click the link below to check out the full review




Viewing your Windows Programs without seeing Windows

Over the past year we have spent a great deal of time traveling around the country training customers and sales people on all the features of VMware Fusion 4. Without question the feature that always impressed people the most was Unity, and now with VMware Fusion 4, unity has been even further refined. With that said, let’s talk about how to enable and utilize Unity in VMware Fusion 4.

Unity Mode is a feature in VMware Fusion 4 that allows users to isolate individual Windows Applications and interact with them as though they were Mac Applications. This is perfect for those times that you want to run Windows programs side by side with Mac Apps. It’s also a great feature for those that want to have access to Windows Applications without having to interact with Windows.

You can enable unity in a few different ways.

To enable unity mode while you are in Single Window click the unity button.

Untitled 3

To enable unity from from Full Screen, select unity from the Full Screen Menu Bar

Full screen unity

Once you enable Unity you will see Windows fade away, and you are left with just your Windows applications, from here you can interact with your Windows Programs in exactly the same way you do your Mac apps.

Unity Multiple Apps

You can use command tab to move between applications

Dock + Command Tab

Even save you Windows programs to the dock for instant access.

Windows Icons


Once inside unity you can quickly access and launch additional Windows programs by clicking the Application Menu from the OS X Menu bar.  Simply type in the Windows program you are looking for and double click to launch.

App Menu Screen Shot


New to VMware Fusion 4 is the ability to utilize Mission Control with Unity.  Simply swipe up on the track pad with three fingers to go into Mission Control.

Mission Control

If you would like additional information on how to best utilize Unity in VMware Fusion 4 check out the “Running Windows Programs Without Seeing Windows” video at the VMware Fusion Learning Center.


VMware Fusion 4 vs Parallels Desktop 7

We are extremely excited and proud to have received the Editors Choice awards by both MacWorld UK and PC Magazine for VMware Fusion 4. It’s great to see that all the work our developers have put in this release is being recognized.

Reviews image

We are also very excited by the recent Infoworld review:

Fusion significantly outperforms Parallels Desktop in all the other categories: 2D graphics (by 32.5 percent), 3D graphics (by 53.3 percent), memory (by 17.9 percent), and disk (by 7.7 percent).

We are aware of the recent benchmark analysis published by MacTech and you can rest assured that our engineers are looking closely at any test results where VMware Fusion is not as great as we would like it to be.

What we feel is important to keep in mind, as other journalists and reviewers have noted, is that virtualization benchmarks do not accurately represent real-world performance. 

We believe there are a lot of criteria to consider when choosing the best virtualization solution to run Windows on a Mac. Reliability, stability, user interface, features, technical support and value are all important when choosing a virtualization solution that meets your needs. 

Customer reviews are another great way to find out what other users are saying about VMware Fusion 4. Click the image below to see our reviews on Amazon:


Ultimately, nothing beats first-hand experience and we encourage you to go ahead and try VMware Fusion 4 today for yourself. 


If you love VMware Fusion as much as we do, please share your experience and let the world know!

Eclipse LED Takes Lighting to the Next Level With VMware Fusion 4.

In 2007, when David Swartzendruber decided to focus the engineering efforts of his company Eclipse INC toward the development of LED Lights, he was initially stuck at a cross roads. “I liked the idea of being able to use some of the more creative software that is native to the Mac, but still needed access to a few key Windows apps for engineering.” Once he discovered VMware Fusion, the decision was easy.          


When asked about his favorite feature in VMware Fusion 4 he said, “Unity is perfect for those times that you want to have a Windows and Mac Application side by side. It really gives us the best of both worlds. I also like the idea that we have the flexibility that comes with running Windows as a VM, while still being able to leverage the Mac OS for more creative endeavors.” About a year later Eclipse LED was born. They now engineer some of the brightest, most efficient LED lighting systems in the industry. Eclipse LED exclusively uses light emitting diodes as its lighting source– incorporating them into bike lights, flashlights, headlamps, and light bars for all terrain vehicles.  


As they progressed with VMware Fusion they also found a great cost benefit as well. “With the help of VMware Fusion, we have been able to stay lean as a business while not sacrificing any capability from a computing perspective. It’s like getting two computers for the price of one, and it’s also nice knowing that compatibility will never be an issue. With all of the advantages of VMware Fusion 4, Eclipse LED is that much more capable of creating the exact products their customers want. We are truly enthusiast of all the products we create, and the more capable we are at creating the best products possible the better. Without a doubt VMware Fusion plays a part in that.”



For additional information on Eclipse LED as well as how to buy their class leading bike lights, flashlights, headlamps, and light bars go to eclipseledcompany.com


Weekly Tips and Tricks:Integrating your Windows Programs into OS X

In our weekly tips and tricks series we write about cool features of VMware Fusion 4 that we are really excited about. This week we cover…


Integrating your Windows Programs into OS X

This week we'll show you how to you can gain seamless access to your Windows Programs from inside OS X.Mac App Folder


Application sharing is a great way to access to your Windows programs in exactly the same way that you access your Mac applications. For example, need to launch Microsoft Access? Simply go to the Mac applications folder and there it is! Just double click to launch! This provides an even more seamless experience when running Windows on the Mac with VMware Fusion 4.


FsafsdfsdfTo use this feature first ensure that you have Application Sharing enabled. Its easy! Simply go to the the settings menu and select Default applications. Then select “Run Windows applications from your Macs Applications Folder”


With Windows Application sharing enabled you can now easily access your Windows Programs from,

Launch Pad   Launchpad with Windows Applications

Spotlight  Spotlight

And the Mac Application FolderMac App Folder



Tune in next week, we will talk about how to view your Windows programs without seeing Windows.

VMware Fusion 4 Named “Editors Choice”.

VMware Fusion 4 Named “Editors Choice” by PC Magazine. 


The reviews are starting to slowly trickle in and we are extremely excited to share that we have been named Editors Choice by PC magazine. Giving us a rating of 4.5 out of 5, VMware Fusion 4 was put though a whole host of tests. Here are some excerpts from the review.

 In describing the installation experience. 


“Nothing could be easier than installing Fusion….Fusion’s New Virtual Machine Assistant walks you smoothly through the process of installing a new OS.”

Another notable piece was regarding business and more advanced customers.


“If you’re in a corporate setting or you expect to network your emulated Windows system with other machines, then Fusion is probably the better choice. It’s also the better choice if you’re using legacy apps under Windows XP in an emulated system, because, in my tests, Fusion handled those apps more reliably.” 

PC Magazine concluded by saying,

“Fusion strikes us as preferable to Parallels for expert and experienced users…Fusion gets our Editor’s Choice award.”


Check out the entire PC Magazince review at the link below