A Consistent Approach to GPLv2 Compliance


Over the past nine months, we have seen a growing consensus in the industry regarding one specific aspect of GPL compliance. Since the October 2017 announcement of the Linux kernel Technical Advisory Board’s Linux Kernel Enforcement Statement, which stated that the Linux kernel project was adopting the GPLv3 cure commitment, a significant number of key Read more...
large open source project

The Challenges of Maintaining a Large Open Source Project


Today, Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing open source projects next to the Linux kernel, with over 130 commits each week—and that’s just to the main repository. It was recently announced that the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted for Kubernetes to become CNCF’s first project to graduate: One can compare Kubernetes to the Read more...
Alex Ellis

VMware Welcomes Alex Ellis


VMware is happy to welcome Alex Ellis to the VMware Open Source Technology Center (OSTC). Alex, the creator and lead of the OpenFaaS project, joins VMware’s growing team of open source experts to continue his defining work in Functions as a Service (FaaS). Alex’s résumé contains much more than just his technical contributions to OpenFaaS. He’s Read more...