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When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door!

We’ve all heard about the “Great Resignation” as people – especially those in tech – rethink their employment status. But what’s happening on the other side of the ‘resignation’ part of the decision is the opportunity to seek new challenges, work with new colleagues and tackle exciting work – opportunities that only recently came into view.

At VMware, we’re welcoming new people nearly every single day. We have more than 2,400 openings across all disciplines, but for those of you keen to work on and with open source, here are a few key opportunities (all postings current as of 2/7/2022; check the VMware Careers site for current status and new openings) for your consideration:

Machine Learning

Here’s a technology space that’s got it all: fast paced technology on the edge of innovation, new applications and use cases, and a vibrant open source ecosystem. VMware’s open source technology center looks at machine learning from the open source point of view, exploring projects and contributing to communities squarely in the middle of this burgeoning space, including Kubeflow, ONNX, KServe/KFServing, Feast, scikit-learn, and other similar projects. In this role, you’ll be working alongside OSTC’s Anna Jung (one of our star bloggers). Read her tips for success in open source, and learn about her leadership at the Summer/Fall Grace Hopper Conference, organizing the Open Source Day Discovery workshops.

Software Supply Chain Tooling

Working on the latest in open source tools like SLSA, TUF, and the newly announced Alpha-Omega Project? Yup, we’ve got opportunities here, too. If curiosity leads you down this path, take a look at the Tooling Project in our Tanzu line of business or turn your attention to the Open Source Technology Center for the job role focused on the community challenges posed by software supply chain security. You’d be working with Joshua Lock, who’s blogged extensively about supply chains and his work on TUF and SLSA. Jussi Kukkonen and Teodora Sechkova would also be in your orbit, as would Nisha Kumar (OCI Technical Oversight Board Member) and Rose Judge (Chair, Technical Advisory Council for the Linux Foundation Automated Compliance Tooling Initiative), co-maintainers of Tern. A star-studded cast indeed. 

Observability in Apps and Containers

Have you noticed an increased interest in observability in the apps and container space? It’s a thing, and VMware’s OSPO is hiring for that, too. According to Tim Pepper, OSTC Senior Staff Engineer,The role will be focused on upstream development and open source projects around observability and distributed systems debugging. You will be contributing code, building on your reputation as an open source collaborator, growing influence in projects relevant to VMware and leading the industry state of the art.”

Technology Law Counsel

You’ll need a JD for this next role: Technology Law Counsel. Open source goes further faster when everyone understands the licenses that guide its use. Join VMware’s Legal team and get to work with the BEST internal team around: VMware’s Open Source Program Office and the Office of the CTO. 

As always, check the VMware Careers site for the most current postings. What’s here today, may be gone tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted as these roles are filled. We can’t wait to meet our new team members. Is it YOU?


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