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Beta Program: vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder

Last fall we introduced the entitlement of all VMware vRealize True Visibility Suite storage and compute management packs with all vRealize Operations editions and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The vRealize community has been excited to take vRealize Operations into physical infrastructure. That is why we are excited to introduce the beta program for our new vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder, expanding the vRealize Operations ecosystem from hundreds of additional technologies to thousands.

vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder is a no-code solution to expand your operations visibility to anywhere you want to (given there is a rest API). That’s right, don’t know how to code? Not a problem.  The management pack builder allows a user to connect to a data source using an HTTP or AWS data source, make API calls, create objects, and build out relationships to other objects in vRealize Operations.

vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder – Rubrik

Once connections have been made to the data sources and the correct data is being collected, Management Pack Builder provides a preview of all objects and relationships and allows for data validation.  Finally, once validated there is a “build” option that will take all stored information and creates a .pak file that can be installed into vROps for collection from the specified endpoint.

This beta program is open to any current vRealize Operations customer, and with a simple registration you can be off and running, building your own management packs.

To get started visit the registration page for vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder.

For information on how to build your own management pack including documentation, how-to videos and to leave feedback, visit our Community page.

For more information on the changes made to vRealize True Visibility last fall, read the blog.


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