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A Big Update for vRealize Operations and vRealize True Visibility

This fall at VMworld you heard that there were some pretty significant changes for vRealize True Visibility that were “coming soon”. I am thrilled to tell you that “soon” is today! This exciting release includes the general availability of all 19 storage and compute management packs as entitlements for ALL customers with vRealize Operations, a few packaging changes to vRealize True Visibility Suite as well as the release of our new vRealize True Visibility Technology Modules!

Storage & Compute Management Packs

That’s right, if you own vRealize Operations, you are now entitled to install any of the 19 vRealize Operations Management Packs for Compute and Storage! These management packs that were previously a part of vRealize True Visibility Suite now require no additional licensing and can be downloaded in your VMware Customer Connect portal.

I have heard from countless people about how ecstatic they are about the opportunity to extend the vRealize Operations platform to monitor their 3rd party physical compute and storage. With relationship-aware views of your underlying infrastructure full stack troubleshooting gets even easier – giving you a better understanding which alerts might just be a symptom, or the actual underlying cause of your issue.

These Management Packs have been wildly popular as a part of vRealize True Visibility Suite. Once installed, these management packs unlock access to deep insights with each management pack providing more than 1,000 metrics, out of the box dashboards and the detailed real-time insights you need to understand performance issues.

Just one example of the value that these management packs will bring you comes with a simple custom dashboard that creates a view of multi-vendor storage arrays. Organizations with a single storage vendor are rare, which can make overall environment view fuzzy at best. When you utilize the vRealize Operations Management Packs for storage you’re creating a single source of truth that allows you to see your underlying physical storage arrays side by side.

Figure 1: Custom Dashboard – Multi-Vendor Storage Overview, built with vRealize Operations Storage Management Packs

“I’ve wanted these forever –how do I get them now?

Starting today you can go to the download page in your VMware Customer Connect portal and all entitled management pack files will be available to download and install in your environment. If you’re looking for resources as you install the packs, I’ve created a playlist on YouTube of excellent installation and configuration videos created by Travis Malcuit and Charles Petrie. These videos take you step by step to make sure your installation is flawless.

For more detailed information on each of these management packs, make sure to visit the VMware Marketplace (links below) or visit the vRealize Operations Management Pack Documentation.

Compute Storage
Cisco UCS Cohesity
Dell EMC PowerEdge  Dell EMC Isilon
Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Dell EMC PowerMax & VMAX
HPE ProLiant Dell EMC VNX
HPE OneView Dell EMC XtremIO
Lenovo Compute Dell EMC Unity
  HPE 3PAR StoreServ
  HPE Nimble
  IBM SVC & Storwize
  NetApp E-Series
  NetApp FAS/AFF
  NetApp SolidFire
  Pure Storage FlashArray

If you’re looking for some great dashboards to get started with your new management packs, be sure to check out the vRealize Operations section of the VMware Sample Exchange on VMware {code}.

“I heard there were other changes to the suites, can you tell me more?”

In addition to our changes to the storage and compute management packs we decided that it was the appropriate time to align our vRealize True Visibility Suite Advanced and Enterprise offerings to better align with your needs. To do this we have moved all management packs from the connectors category, as well as the ServiceNow management pack to vRealize True Visibility Suite Advanced. I have detailed the new packaging in the figure below.

Figure 2: vRealize True Visibility Suite Packaging

If you currently own vRealize True Visibility Suite Advanced, visit VMware Customer Connect to download the Connectors Management Packs that you are now entitled to, and see vRealize True Visibility Suite Documentation for details on how to install and configure.

vRealize True Visibility Technology Modules

Earlier this year we conducted focus groups with vRealize customers around the globe, and it because clear through our discussions that there was a need for customers to access vRealize True Visibility Management Packs for specific use cases. vRealize True Visibility Technology Modules offer a new flexible licensing option for customers that may be looking to utilize the extensibility of vRealize True Visibility for specific use cases. These new modules are split by category: Connectors, Network, Virtualization/Containers, Database, and Applications. Each module is licensed based on a metric specific to that category.

So if you aren’t quite ready to bring in your complete heterogeneous environment – maybe you are looking to start out by just monitoring a specific Oracle Database cluster, this offering gives you access to the data depth and context you need for your use case.

Figure 3: vRealize True Visibility Suite Technology Modules

For more information on how to purchase vRealize True Visibility Modules contact your VMware representative.

Looking for more?

Are you looking for more information on vRealize True Visibility? Start by checking out our experts library on Pathfinder. You can also get started on a vRealize True Visibility Suite 60-day evaluation.  If you’re looking to get started with vRealize Operations, we have a 30-day vRealize Operations Cloud Trial or a 60-day vRealize Operations on-prem evaluation.

As always, thank you for reading!


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