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What’s New in vRealize Operations 8.6

vRealize Operations has reinvented itself (again!) with the new release of vRealize Operations 8.6 and vRealize Operations Cloud. This release will provide an enhanced integration between vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation, an exciting new user interface for smoother navigation, new public cloud integrations, and much more that will deliver unified monitoring, visibility, and automation for your multi-cloud operations.

What’s coming!

Enhanced integration for vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation will enable vRealize Operations to manage multi-cloud vRealize Automation deployments on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. If a user is using vRA to deploy to AWS, GCP or Azure – vROps will be able to monitor the deployment attribute, performance, health, and utilization. They will also be able to look at the cost of the vRA objects for both vSphere and public cloud environments.

Increased integrations for public cloud, headlined by integrations for all AWS services, including custom metrics. That’s right, I said ALL AWS services. And beyond that we have exciting news all across the public cloud with new object summary pages for AWS to deliver business critical information in a condensed view, support for more Azure and Google Cloud Platform services, revamped object relationships as well as a native Management Pack for Google Cloud Platform.

Bi-directional integration between vRealize Operations and CloudHealth. The vRealize Operations Management Pack for CloudHealth, which has been available for some time, has provided the ability to bring CloudHealth data into vRealize Operations. Now we are releasing a second management pack to take SDDC or VMware Cloud data from vRealize Operations and send it to CloudHealth, creating a bi-directional integration. This integration is available for both on-prem and SaaS deployments. This integration is key for users who want to compare information about costing in a multi-cloud environment.

New access to management packs, extending vRealize Operations to physical compute and storage.  Coming soon all storage and compute management packs that are currently part of vRealize True Visibility Suite will be entitled to all vRealize Operations customers. Read the vRealize True Visibility announcement for more information.

Expanded application support for over 200 apps in vRealize Operations on-prem using the Open Source Telegraf Agent. This is key when it comes to full stack, app-to-infrastructure, troubleshooting, and monitoring of SDDC infrastructure, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Redesigned Navigation for faster time to value.  The consolidated user interface creates a smoother navigation experience with enhancements like dashboard favorites, a new administration page and support for regular expressions in custom groups.

In-app Guides for vRealize Operations Cloud to get started faster with tasks like connecting to vSphere or VMware Cloud, setting up alert notifications or creating dashboards. With these self-guided tours, you can see a fast time to value.

Customizable email templates for Alert notifications to get the right information out at the right time. With better control over what information is portrayed in email alerts, teams can react faster to situations that need immediate attention.

We are so glad that you’ve chosen to join us this week at VMworld and look forward to interacting with you throughout the week. I have a link below to some great sessions, but I want to specifically call out our session, A Big Update on vRealize Operations [MCL1277], where myself and our own expert Matt Bradford will cover these exciting 8.6 and vRealize Operations Cloud updates in more depth.

Looking for more?

We have many great resources for you to learn about vRealize Operations:


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