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Getting More Out of vRealize Automation: Day 2 Operations


By: Ryan Cartwright, VMware Senior Systems Engineer & Joseph Griffiths, VCDX & Solutions Architect On October 5th, we will be hosting a Getting More Out of vRealize Automation webinar called Day 2 Operations. Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) are top of mind for almost every organization today. The driver toward CMP’s become more pronounced as public/hybrid Read more...
network insight

vRealize Network Insight ( vRNI ) 3.0- How to Install & Configure


Introduction: vRealize Network Insight ( vRNI ) is the newest addition to the range of products from VMware. vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is a product for delivering intelligent operations for your software defined network environment (specially NSX). In short, it does what vRealize Operations does for your virtualized environment, but only to the SDN environment. With Read more...
4 - VROPS login

Using AD Credentials with the vR Ops REST API


Many IT admins are using the vRealize Operations Manager (vR Ops) REST API available for interacting with vR Ops outside of the user interface.  I got a question today asking if it was possible to use AD or LDAP credentials with the REST API.  It is possible and it is also very easy to use. Read more...

Customizing vROps: Decide Which Metrics to Collect


By: Greg Hohertz, Blue Medora   VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager is a powerful analytics platform that helps administrators gain insight into their application, virtual, and physical infrastructure. One challenge you might have as you deploy vRealize Operations is the sheer amount of data that you throw at it, and the CPU, memory, and disk requirements Read more...

Proactive Monitoring with vROps Alert Notifications and Badges


By: Kyle Wassink, Blue Medora   Alert Notifications and Badges provide a great way to proactively monitor your infrastructure and applications. Read on to see how.   Badges: Identifying Future Problems Badges are a crucial component of staying ahead of problems in your IT environment. Specifically, the Capacity Remaining, Time Remaining, and Stress badges (which Read more...


Introducing Extensive Lifecycle Integrations for vRealize Automation – From SovLabs


By David Coulter, SovLabs As your company’s business services expands into the application enabled mobile world, the total number of machines, applications and configurations quickly outpace the ability to effectively manage them.  Speed of delivery becomes a major problem as your hybrid cloud starts to take hold.  Your DevOps and IT teams need automated lifecycle Read more...
vRealize Operations Management Pack for vCloud Air 3.0

Email Customization in vRA


  Introduction Are you tired of seeing colorless vRA emails ? Do you want to add company branding/header to the emails? Do you want to add custom properties to your approval email ? Do you want to customize emails specific to a particular locale/tenant ? If answer of any of these questions is “Yes”, then Read more...

vROps Navigation Tree Tips and Tricks: Advanced


By: Kyle Wassink, Blue Medora   We’ve already covered some of the navigation tree basics in the previous post. Let’s look at some more advanced features that can take your experience with vROps to the next level.   Related Hierarchies and Resources When you double-click on an individual resource (ex: a VMware Host, NetApp Volume, Read more...

vROps Navigation Tree Tips and Tricks: The Basics


By: Kyle Wassink, Blue Medora   The navigation tree, found in the left sidebar in vROps, is the primary way to move around your vROps environment. It is so much more than a simple navigation tree, including many unique features in the “Environment” section that may not be immediately obvious. Let’s look at some basics Read more...