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What’s New in Cloud Management at VMworld 2021

With VMware Cloud Management you can transform the promise of multi-cloud into real results. At VMworld 2021 we’re excited to announce new features and enhancements across the management portfolio for on-premises and cloud releases. These new capabilities make it simpler to manage your environment so you can run both traditional and cloud-native applications across any cloud of your choice. Discover why VMware Cloud Management makes cloud complexity invisible with our latest innovations by reading the details in each of these announcement blogs.

These capabilities are expected to be available in VMware’s Q3 FY22 (ending October, 2021).

Introduction to VMware Cloud Management

Leverage the Power of Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud is no longer a hypothetical concept. There is now a very real opportunity for organizations to improve agility, innovation, cost efficiency, and resilience by adopting a cloud operating model that truly delivers on the promise of multi-cloud. The new question is how to plan and operate a cloud operating model, and how to effectively implement and use a modern, multi-cloud management solution to bring control and consistency to multi-cloud environments. We believe these are the three tightly interconnected elements that form the foundation of a successful cloud transformation.

  1. Cloud operating model – The operational framework that binds your business, application, and cloud strategies together from a people, process, and technology perspective, while building new clouds or embracing existing clouds.
  2. Multi-cloud adoption – Redefines the foundation of IT to power every application on any cloud and operate consistently across the data center, the edge, and any cloud.
  3. Multi-cloud management – The enabling technology that powers your cloud operating model. Multi-cloud management gives you control of your clouds and can serve as the catalyst for people and process transformation.
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VMware Cloud Operating Model

Our goal is that no matter where your organization is on the cloud journey, a cloud operating model rolled out with an industry-leading cloud management solution will bring consistency to managing all types of clouds, allowing you to accelerate application innovation, maximize efficiency, and mitigate risk.

To get started, you can learn more in the Cloud Operating Model for Dummies book.

Discover VMware Cloud Management Innovations

We understand the complexity of issues you face in evolving to multi-cloud – it’s hard. Therefore, this launch will help you navigate cloud transformation making it simpler in three strategic ways, including:

  • Delivering cloud management as the control plane for VMware Cloud
  • Extending cloud management leadership for public clouds
  • Adding even more app-aware and intelligent management capabilities

Control Plane for VMware Cloud

vRealize is now certified for all the VMware Cloud endpoints, and this means that wherever a VMware SDDC is running, on-premises or in the cloud, vRealize is the control plane for VMware Cloud. In addition to existing support for VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Provider Partner services, we will add three new VMware Cloud endpoints in this release.  

In addition to adding new VMware Cloud endpoints, we are also announcing these new capabilities making cloud management the control plane for VMware Cloud:

  • Project Ensemble Tech Preview* will further improve operations by delivering a single UI with persona- and app-centric views for a unified experience across all vRealize Cloud Management services.
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Project Ensemble Tech Preview

VMware vRealize Cloud Universal customer, Tower Health, shares their story of gaining flexibility.

“Tower Health has a large investment in on-premises VMware Cloud infrastructure that works well for our business. However, we saw the opportunity to move IT management and operations to a SaaS model,” said Brian Weigle, Lead System Engineer at Tower Health.

“With vRealize Cloud Universal we gained the flexibility to move almost all our production cloud management capabilities to SaaS. We get the all the capabilities of vRealize Operations, Log Insight and Automation, with additional benefits like scalability, faster access to innovation, and operational efficiency that come with SaaS. And with VMware Skyline, we’ve gone from reactive to proactive support.”

Extend Public Cloud Management Leadership

In this launch vRealize will expand support and become completely extensible to all major public clouds. Currently vRealize monitors all services in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and now it will expand support to include monitoring  Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Today, vRealize Automation enables DevOps-driven provisioning for multiple public clouds and delivers self-service consumption of public cloud resources. Plus, vRealize Network Insight provides end-to-end network visibility for public clouds. New enhancements being announced include:

  • Multi-cloud cost and performance integration of CloudHealth with VMware vRealize Operations.
  • CloudHealth will update custom cost capabilities, such as enhanced multi-cloud support with Google Cloud Platform support for FlexReports.
  • CloudHealth Secure State will include the next generation of its unified search and investigation engine and contextual Kubernetes security posture management.
  • vRealize Operations will monitor all AWS services, including custom metrics, and enhance its support for monitoring Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform services.
  • vRealize Automation will provide enhanced capabilities for Microsoft Azure provisioning, diagnostics, and analytics.
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VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

App-Aware and Intelligent Management

VMware Cloud Management continues to drive application-awareness and AI/ML-based intelligence into everything we do, and new capabilities being announced include:

  • vRealize Automation Kubernetes enhancements
    • Manage Kubernetes namespace proliferation using VMware vSphere with Tanzu integration
    • vRealize Code Stream support for Kubernetes workload release automation
  • vRealize Operations enhancements
    • App-aware troubleshooting with extensive support for over 200 apps using open Telegraf agents and its ecosystem of plugins
    • Enhanced app definition, modeling, and workflows
    • Updated Kubernetes management pack
    • Major revamp of the product experience with a new UI and the ability to see all endpoints in one place, in-product guides, journey maps, and integrated trial and subscription experience with VMware Cloud on AWS
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New vRealize Operations product experience
  • VMware vRealize AI Cloud will offer enhancements to VMware vSAN optimization and expand to additional use cases.
    • Beta!  Storage Policy Genie*
    • Beta!  Smart Initial Workload deployment and sizing*
    • Tech Preview!  vDS Network optimization
Tech Preview vDS Network optimization

VMware continues to invest in SaaS making all our services available globally, and organizations can see exactly where each one is hosted in our interactive map.

Maximize Your Success in Multi-Cloud

VMware Cloud Management is uniquely effective because it is highly differentiated from competitive offerings. Take a look!

  • Multi-cloud technology enabling you to manage private, hybrid, and multiple public cloud environments with a single control plane.
  • Proven solution through tens of thousands of on-premises deployments and customers consuming cloud management as a service.
  • Industry leader in both cloud systems management and cloud automation ranked by IDC.
  • Integrated and comprehensive capabilities with innovations powered by AI, ML, and DevOps practices.
  • Ultimate flexibility to consume cloud management on-premises, as a service, or a combination of both, all in one license.
  • Broadest ecosystem with more than 220 hardware and service integrations.
  • Leading customer success to inform, guide, and train organizations through their lifecycle.

VMware Cloud Management is also consistently recognized as a market leader by analysts worldwide. Recent ratings and rankings include:

Take the Next Step

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  • Test drive the products in a hands-on lab that can be up and running on your browser in minutes.

*The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for VMware’s offerings in this presentation remain at the sole discretion of VMware.​


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