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Announcing VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.4 and Cloud

VMware today announced vRealize Network Insight 6.4 and vRealize Network Insight Cloud.  During VMworld 2021 this week, VMware will exhibit the latest innovations for network visibility and analytics with vRealize Network Insight Cloud. Capabilities in the new vRealize Network Insight 6.4 release will be showcased in various live and on-demand sessions, meet the expert sessions, hands on labs, demonstrations, along with other activities showcased in this blog post.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud is available as a SaaS or on-premises solution for end-to-end network visibility, troubleshooting, and analytics that creates virtual machine to application dependency mappings that will help with application migrations and disaster recovery planning for multi-cloud. vRealize Network Insight Cloud also will help optimize multi-cloud network performance with troubleshooting capabilities for application virtual machines, physical servers, or Kubernetes. vRealize Network Insight Cloud is also available with vRealize Cloud Universal.

Highlights that will be part of this latest release:

Application Awareness

  • ServiceNow Application Discovery Enhancements
  • Streaming data bus for sending data externally via APIs
  • Application utilization and performance for VMware SD-WAN

Day 2 Assurance and Verification

  • Support for Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers
  • Support for Cisco ISR 4000 Series Routers
  • Support for Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders

Cloud Networking

  • NSX-T Federation support
  • NSX-T Firewall with VMware vSphere Distributed Switch
  • VMware Cloud Network Visibility Enhancements
  • Automatically define VMware SD-WAN analytic thresholds

Platform and Usability

  • New SaaS Cloud availability in Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt)

New Global Service Locations

vRealize Network Insight Cloud will launch new service locations in Europe (Frankfurt) and Canada (Central) which will expand the footprint to a total of 6 global regions also viewable in the VMware Global Infrastructure map.

Figure 1. New services locations that will be available for vRealize Network Insight Cloud.


Network visibility support for NSX Federation will enable customers to have views across multiple NSX-T data centers at the global, regional, and local site level.

Figure 2. NSX-T Federation deployment visibility will be supported with vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

VMware Cloud

The new capabilities in this vRealize Network Insight Cloud release will help VMware Cloud customers improve application discovery for cloud migrations as well as Day 2 troubleshooting. For VMware Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud will support search and flow tagging for type “VMware Cloud” which will allow users to run search queries across their entire deployment and will enable finding all types of flows or entities based on a specified search term. Additionally, vRealize Network Insight Cloud will provide suggestions to build the queries, which will include saved searches and recent searches that will match the typed text in the global search bar. There will also be a VMware Cloud dashboard for combined Policy Managers and VMware Cloud SDDCs that will allow users to get a list of all the relevant SDDCs and Policy Managers in properly arranged sections on the dashboard that will make it easier to see all resources such as hosts or VMs for each type of VMware Cloud such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, or VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

ServiceNow Integration

There will be enhancements to the integration with ServiceNow which will improve how vRealize Network Insight Cloud performs application discovery.  This improvement will allow any ServiceNow user role level to integrate with vRealize Network Insight Cloud and there will also be clear visibility into which APIs or data sources are available or missing based on that specific user privilege role so that adjustments to privilege can be made. This contrasts with the previous releases where there was a strict requirement for a read-only admin user role. There will also be a vRealize Network Insight Cloud enhancement for ServiceNow to allow for more frequent updates based on user defined criteria for specific application information versus waiting for the less frequent general batch update for the bulk of the ServiceNow data.

Figure 3. The vRealize Network Insight Cloud integration with ServiceNow will have better visibility into which application data source or APIs are available or not available which can then be adjusted by user role privileges.

Figure 4. Watch the new animated video that explains the benefits of vRealize Network Insight Assurance and Verification

Start a Trial

There will be a lot more useful and time saving capabilities available in vRealize Network Insight 6.4 and Cloud. All these enhancements will soon be available so start the 30-Day Free Trial of vRealize Network Insight Cloud.


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