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Announcing General Availability of vRealize Log Insight v8.6 and Log Insight Cloud

With our upcoming VMware vRealize Log Insight v8.6 and vRealize Log Insight Cloud releases  (available on-prem, SaaS, or part of your vRealize Cloud Universal subscription) we are excited to continuously improve and innovate centralized log management across your private, hybrid, and multi-clouds with new features like root cause analytics powered by AI, log partitions so no logs are left behind, NSX identity firewall integration, and a many user experience enhancements that’ll make it easier to see alerts and notifications!

Hybrid Cloud Management

vRealize Log Insight and vRealize log Insight Cloud is the one platform capable of bringing log data from your entire environment together—no matter where it resides—and extracting meaning from it. The solution brings order to the chaos of millions of unstructured data points, turning raw log data into actionable insights that can help you address both security and operational issues.

vRealize Log Insight and Log Insight Cloud contains built-in knowledge and native support for VMware SDDC technologies—from VMware vSphere, NSX-T firewall, VMware Cloud on AWS logs to 3rd party technologies as Docker, MS SQL, Apache and many more. With more than 100 Content Packs for a broad range of VMware, VMware Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and 3rd party hardware and software connections and integrations, it is indisputably the best solution for your VMware environment.

Exclusive to vRealize Log Insight Cloud

Expanded Regional Availability

New geographic availability in Europe (London) and South America (Sao Paulo). This will be in addition to the available geographic locations for vRealize Log Insight Cloud, namely US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Log Partitions

As a vRealize Log Insight Cloud exclusive BETA, we will be introducing a new data management feature for data-at-scale that delivers optimal performance for in-frequent log queries.  This helps customers attain flexible cost alternatives and enhanced data manageability for indexed and non-indexed data grouping for data retention use cases driven by long term compliance and analytics. 

Log partitions meet IT operational and non-operational use cases for:

  • Observability across systems to detect events and patterns in log data
  • Real-time monitoring and notification to detect anomalies and system health
  • Auditing and compliance data archival for business data retention requirements
  • Ad-hoc troubleshooting and analytics for event resolution and research
  • Reduce cost with competitive and flexible consumption options
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Root Cause Analysis powered by AIOps

Another vRealize Log Insight Cloud exclusive BETA, log root cause analysis building blocks helps find and investigate the potential root cause from the million log messages by reducing the data and noise to show only the significant logs as potential root causes. By surfacing information in the form of log clusters, the algorithm detects anomalous logs by assessing their frequency, average, variance and groups them into patterns based on their significance.

Find potential root cause from millions of log messages to detect and surface relevant logs in the form of log clusters and reduce the number of logs with sophisticated algorithms to show only significant logs as potential root cause.

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Exclusive to vRealize Log Insight (on-prem)

NSX Identity Firewall Integration

  • Enable NSX to support providers like Global Protect, Clear Pass and any custom providers
  • vRealize Log Insight extracts fields from the VPN logs and passing information to NSX for user-to-ip mapping

Granular Role Based Access Controls

  • Create roles based on responsibilities (ops, security)
  • Choose from almost 30 different permissions from 8 categories



For more information:

To learn more on vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Log Insight Cloud, and other vRealize products, I invite you to check out our new VMware Pathfinder site that covers detailed usage for:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Dashboards & Content Packs
  • Agent Installation
  • Architecture
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Topics are covered at level 100 to 300 plus hands-on training!

And lastly, please join us at VMworld 2021 to get more log insights (pun intended) into your VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud, and multi-clouds!  These are the ones you’ll want to virtually attend:

  • Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight [MCL1286]
  • Log Insight Cloud – a SaaS version of Log Insight [ISM-HOL-2201-96-ISM]
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud – A Year in Review [2824]
  • vRealize Log Insight Live Demo Booth [multiple]


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