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Announcing General Availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.2

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We are announcing the general availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.2, the latest release of VMware’s industry-leading modern infrastructure automation platform.

With the new and enhanced capabilities in vRealize Automation 8.2, customers can rapidly implement self-service clouds, multicloud automation with governance, DevOps-based infrastructure delivery and Kubernetes infrastructure automation on VMware Cloud infrastructure. vRealize Automation enables IT/Cloud admins, DevOps engineers, and Kubernetes operators to rapidly, easily and cost-effectively support a public cloud–like user experience, while maintaining fine-grained policy-based security and control. Customers benefit from increased scalability, speed, flexibility and reliability as they reduce the complexity of their IT environment, streamline IT processes and deliver a future-ready automation platform.


Key vRealize Automation 8.2 capabilities and enhancements include:

  • Apply a modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templating standard for VMware Cloud infrastructure with VMware Cloud Templates. This latest release of vRealize Automation introduces VMware Cloud Templates, replacing the old vRealize Automation blueprints, to highlight the importance of this function and emphasize a commitment towards investing and improving the templating engine. VMware Cloud Templates support a GUI-based Template designer and IaC, allowing developers to create templates declaratively using YAML code, and collaborate based on distributed version control systems like Git.
  • Increase control with fine-grained custom roles-based permissions. vRealize Automation provides enhanced granularity and flexibility to implement mandatory access control or discretionary access control based on policies.
  • Enhanced multi-tenancy with centralized management of tenant infrastructure. vRealize Automation is adding the ability to bundle IaaS resources into a single Virtual Private Zone construct and allocate it to a project into a tenant’s own organization or a different organization.
  • Leverage storage limit enhancements with First Class Disks (FCD) support. With this capability, vRealize Automation leverages the vRA APIs to communicate with the FCD APIs in vSphere to launch and manage FCDs, very similar to what public clouds like AWS offer through Amazon EBS.
  • Simplify private cloud setup via reinforced integration with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). Expanding beyond rapid self-service private cloud setup for VCF infrastructure, vRealize Automation accelerates time to value by supporting additional integrations to provision VMware Cloud Templates into a vSphere environment. The new day 2 actions allow admins to create cloud accounts and cloud zones from the discovered workload domains and simplify the ongoing lifecycle management of workload domains/cloud accounts via password integration.
  • Leverage Terraform service via service catalog and IaC. vRealize Automation brings together Terraform open-source with the power of VMware Cloud Templates by allowing users to consume Terraform configuration files directly from Service Broker, trigger approvals and control access.
  • Enable self-service provisioning of Kubernetes namespaces via service catalog and IaC. Create Supervisor Namespaces directly from the service catalog and assign them to projects, apply governance control, add access policies, lease times and approvals.


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