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Announcing VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.1

Today we are announcing VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.1, the latest release of our IT workflow orchestration and automation platform, designed to simplify and automate data center infrastructure workflows and processes for VMware customers. vRealize Orchestrator is delivered as a component of VMware vRealize Automation within vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation.

Enhanced Ease of Use, and DevOps Automation 

vRealize Orchestrator delivers powerful feature enhancements to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of IT/Cloud admins and DevOps admins, who are modernizing their data center infrastructure using vCloud Suite, and VMware Cloud Foundation. Key features include:

Tree View of Hierarchical Folders. We are re-introducing support for tree views of hierarchical folders, so users can organize, view, and browse all workflows with the hierarchical tree view, in addition to tagging workflows. This allows for easier management of workflows at scale, giving users a global view of all organized content.

Run and Debug Workflow Elements. Users can run and debug any element within specific workflows without having to debug the entire workflow. Each element can be unit tested prior to running the associated workflow, enabling accelerated workflow development.

Workflow Sync to Different Git Branches. When versioning content in a Git repository, vRealize Orchestrator allows users to select, configure, and sync workflows to different branches from a Git repository. This enables users to promote vRealize Orchestrator content through normal Git operations.

Multiple Scripting Languages: PowerShell, Node.js, Python. Support for multiple scripting languages have been added: PowerShell, Node.js, and Python. This makes vRealize Orchestrator more accessible and easier to use for non-JavaScript users.

Learn More

To learn more about VMware vRealize Orchestrator, please visit the product page.

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