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Android Series Ep 4: Android Rugged Deployments

Mobile devices are impacting organizations in big ways from increasing user productivity to lowering TCO. Mobility isn’t just for knowledge workers; mobility also largely impacts the daily function of various departments and industries. Ruggedized devices are corporate-owned dedicated devices that provide durability and functionality that enables workers in harsher work environments such as warehouses, hospitals, and retail stores. They need to be constantly connected so they do not disturb business-critical workflows. With announcements that Microsoft will phase out support for Windows rugged operating systems, organizations have rapidly moved to Android. Organizations need to learn the benefits Android enterprise brings to the large rugged market where scalability is key.

Android Rugged Deployments

This latest video in the Android Series covers rugged use cases with Android. It’s another way organizations leverage fully managed device mode. VMware Workspace ONE unified endpoint management (UEM), powered by AirWatch technology has multiple solutions and integrations that enable organizations to adopt and streamline ruggedized devices:

  • Android enterprise dedicated device (AKA corporate-owned, single-use or COSU) support allows IT to lock an Android device down into a single app or small set of apps while preventing users from performing other actions on the device.
  • VMware Android Launcher is a solution from VMware that allows organizations to lock devices into one or a set of apps with customizable templates. The latest use case that the Launcher enables is shared device mode.
  • With product provisioning through the Workspace ONE UEM console, IT can configure the installation of files, actions, Wi-Fi, VPN and more. Products can be delivered based on a schedule or device conditions.
  • VMware Advanced Remote Management enables IT to remotely troubleshoot Android rugged devices. Issues can be remediated quickly with remote control over the device and remote visibility into critical information and diagnostics.
  • Zebra StageNow integration streamlines onboarding of Zebra devices by creating a staging package and generating a barcode that the device will scan to enroll.

To learn more about these Android rugged solutions with Workspace ONE, listen to an expert discuss the benefits and the latest technology in this episode of the Android Series.


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