VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Collaborates with AetherPal to Deliver Leading Advanced Remote Management Solution

Over the past year, VMware has been working closely with AetherPal, the market leader in mobile support, to provide Advanced Remote Management for customers and, today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration. Our work with AetherPal demonstrates our continued commitment to non-traditional endpoints, like rugged handheld devices, and our dedication to solving unique business challenges.

“Successful mobile deployments address the full life-cycle of transformation, from the provisioning of devices and deployment of apps, through end user training and support,” said Daniel Deeney, CEO, AetherPal.  “VMware and AetherPal are collaborating to provide businesses with a solution to comprehensively manage this full lifecycle, maximize productivity, and minimize downtime.”

When it comes to field workers, nothing is more important than reliable remote support, which significantly increases productivity and reduces downtime. With VMware’s new Advanced Remote Management solution, IT and support teams are able to easily remotely manage and maintain, as well as support and troubleshoot, devices that remote workers need to do their job. For example, if a delivery truck driver’s device fails while he or she is on the road, IT can gain immediate visibility into the device, control it as if it were in their hands, and resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.

VMware Advanced Remote Management Key Features:

  • Remotely connect to any device in seconds from the AirWatch console using any web browser
  • View any device’s screen in real-time, in its skin, and control it with the device keypad, as if it were in your hand, or through your computer’s controls and keyboard
  • Resolve problems faster with immediate visibility into the device, including support session history, system diagnostics, network information, installed apps and profile device info and more
  • Notify users when their screen is visible and enable them to pause a remote session for enhanced privacy

From the Workspace ONE console, IT is also able to remotely send messages, clear passcodes, warm or cold boot, remote lock and more. And if a device is lost or compromised, administrators can remotely lock or wipe it.

“A company’s digital transformation success is highly dependent on its ability to provide its employees with access to the apps they require – when, where and how they want to access them,” said Noah Wasmer, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Products, VMware. “Advanced Remote Management is a critical component that helps enterprises keep their users connected, by using a simple intuitive interface to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues or maintain apps and devices. This support and reliability are critical to delivering the business transformation initiatives our customers are embarking upon today.”

VMware Advanced Remote Management currently supports Windows CE and Android and is available as an add-on service to any Workspace ONE Edition. To learn more about how Advanced Remote Management can transform how you remotely support your devices, visit our website. You can also learn more about our collaboration with AetherPal by reading the press release, issued today.