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Android Series Ep 3: Work Managed Devices

In our last episode, we discussed the Android enterprise work profile. This deployment type is ideal for BYOD deployments because it separates work and personal data. Users see visual indications that their personal apps are separate from work because the work apps are badged with a briefcase icon. Users’ information is private because IT only has insight into managed applications in the work profile.

Work Managed Devices

This time, Bhavesh Kumar and I talk about work managed devices. This solution is tailor-made for corporate-owned devices. The entire device is managed so there is no need for an icon or profile separating apps or data since everything on the device is meant for work. Work managed devices are all enrolled out of the box with flexible options to best suit your IT requirements.

There are 5 methods to enroll work managed devices:

  1. NFC bump
  2. EMM identifier
  3. QR code enrollment
  4. Zero Touch Enrollment
  5. Knox Mobile Enrollment.

In this video, we go over the first 4 which are Android-native across various manufacturers. Watch the video episode below for demos to see exactly what these enrollments look like. To learn more about Knox Mobile Enrollment, check out this blog post and look out for a future episode on our Knox integrations.

After enrollment completes, the user gets all the configurations and apps that IT provisioned for the devices. IT can configure all policies and deploy apps from the VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console, powered by AirWatch. Managed Google Play is curated by the administrator to hold recommended work apps for the user to install. In this mode, the only apps that can be searched are work apps, so a user couldn’t install personal apps, like Facebook, unless the IT administrator whitelisted it. With work managed devices, IT has more control since the entire device is being managed.  For example, the admin has the ability to factory reset a work managed device, but cannot factory reset a device with a work profile.

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As always, thanks for tuning in and be on the lookout for more videos and information on how Workspace ONE supports your Android deployment.