Multi-Cloud VMware Cloud Universal

Discover How VMware Cloud Universal Accelerates Multi-Cloud Goals

We are in a new era of IT transformation where companies change how they operate, the experiences they deliver, and even shift the culture within their business.  Multi-Cloud and modernized applications are accelerating today’s digitally driven IT transformation. 

The advantages of multi-cloud are clear. Multi-cloud provides increased velocity, scale, and choice by enabling enterprises to create and deploy new services across clouds.  There is also complexity in deploying a multi-cloud environment, such as the risk of operating multiple cloud silos, with associated costs.

The question that most companies are asking is, “what is the right programmatic, multi-cloud approach that will accelerate our business objectives and realize our IT transformation goals?”

VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible subscription purchase and consumption program enabling customers to execute their desired multi-cloud or digital transformation strategy.  Subscription-based purchase and consumption options span a portfolio of multi-cloud infrastructure, cloud management, application modernization, and premier customer success offerings.  Eligible VMCU offerings for immediate availability include:

To get started with VMware Cloud Universal, your company purchases a set of VMware Cloud Universal Subscription Purchasing Program (or SPP) credits.  Your company can then apply the SPP credits toward any eligible VMware Cloud Universal solutions throughout the subscription period.   Access to your VMware Cloud Universal subscription, entitlements, and consumption is always available through the centralized VMware Cloud Console.  

VMware Cloud Console enables a consistent multi-cloud experience for customers and is the primary management interface for services purchased through VMware Cloud Universal.  Customers’ subscribed VMware Cloud offerings will appear directly in VMware Cloud Console, delivering unified inventory and subscription management, onboarding, and provisioning selected VMware Cloud Universal services. The VMware Cloud Console also includes a rich set of APIs, SDK, and CLI automation tools, exposed through common endpoints for infrastructure management. 

Ways VMware Cloud Universal Benefits Your Business

VMware Cloud Universal is VMware’s leading and preferred program to help companies accelerate multi-cloud goals through freedom of cloud choice, agility, and cost-efficiency.  With VMware Cloud Universal, your company is uniquely positioned to achieve multi-cloud success by:  

  • Unifying cloud management, application modernization, compute, network, storage across hybrid/on-premises, private, public, and local cloud.
  • Enjoying the freedom of choice to interoperate across hybrid and multiple cloud environments in a single SaaS, subscription-based model
  • Qualifying for one-time financial savings off from the unamortized value of current perpetual on-premises license investments through the VMware Cloud Acceleration Benefit, an exclusive attribute of VMware Cloud Universal
  • Capitalizing on proven customer success expertise, with VMware Success360, to help your company reach desired IT transformation outcomes faster

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