Azure VMware Solution

New VMware Tanzu Support for Azure VMware Solution

I am pleased to announce that customers can now take full advantage of VMware Tanzu Standard edition with Azure VMware Solution. VMware Tanzu is VMware’s modern applications portfolio that includes products and services to modernize applications and infrastructure for delivering better software to production faster. Tanzu offers three editions – Tanzu Basic, Standard, and Advanced. VMware now supports Tanzu Standard edition with Azure VMware Solution, including full lifecycle management of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters via Tanzu Mission Control.

Tanzu Standard edition provides a full enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime – Tanzu Kubernetes Grid – that customers can deploy across multiple environments: on-premises on vSphere; on VMware Cloud Foundation solutions, such as Azure VMware Solution, on public clouds; and at the edge. Tanzu Standard also provides a global control plane, powered by Tanzu Mission Control, for consistent and efficient management of multiple Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds.

Using Tanzu Standard, customers can quickly deploy and operate a consistent enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime – Tanzu Kubernetes Grid – on Azure VMware Solution software-defined data centers (SDDCs). VMware designed and built Tanzu Kubernetes Grid leveraging the leading open-source technologies of the Kubernetes ecosystem, such as Cluster API for cluster lifecycle management, Harbor for container registry, Prometheus and Grafana for platform monitoring, Fluent Bit for logging, and Contour for ingress.

Using the global control plane of Tanzu Standard, customers will also have access to key capabilities for streamlining the operations and management of their Kubernetes clusters that include:

  • Centralized lifecycle management – provisioning, upgrading, scaling, and deleting Tanzu Kubernetes clusters
  • Attaching to conformant Kubernetes clusters for consistent management
  • Global visibility of Kubernetes clusters and workloads across environments for quick identification of issues and troubleshooting
  • Managing access and security by applying consistent policies to a fleet of clusters at scale
  • Backup and restore clusters and namespaces with built-in Velero
  • Inspecting customers for conformance using built-in Sonobuoy

VMware Tanzu integration with Azure VMware Solution is supported directly by VMware.

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